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Troy Ave – Birthday Cake Freestyle

This Freestyle Was Totally Inspired by this XXL article which i stumbled across while being interviewed at they’re manhattan office the other day, my homie Adam says’ Yo Troy did you see the magazine, and im like nah i aint see it yet, Then my other homie Ralphie is like yo i got 1 right here, so im like ight thanx, thinking 2 myself whats the big deal, then Adam Flips thru the page points 2 my picture and walks off like a smooth criminal saying SHOW N PROVE next” i was so fukin suprised like oh shit this DOPE! any ways, “THE DREAM IS GETTIN REAL! Enjoy.

Download: Link

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2 Responses to “Troy Ave – Birthday Cake Freestyle”

  1. Harlem World Says:

    as much as we like to mock some of these rappers

    several artists got some decent exposure n even deals cus of nah

    cus i dont see mr muthafuckin exquire gettin blog posts nowhere else

  2. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:


    also, can be done contractually too

    record label might give a video production company a deal to shoot videos for their artists

    ^spittas videos wit da fortyfps company be crisp all the time
    I was specifically thinkin bout the song w wake where they in the hangar looks like they mighta spend some ones it

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