KiD CuDi – The Ruler & The Killer

CuDi lays a cut for the soundtrack to that new Battle Royale rip off.

Previously: WZRD (KiD CuDi & Dot Da Genius) – Teleport 2 Me, Jamie (Live On Conan)

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8 Responses to “KiD CuDi – The Ruler & The Killer”

  1. Casket Face Says:

    no sign niggas with good genetics talking about it takes hard work …be wanting to stab them mechad brooks looking niggas in the face with a rusty spoon and watch them bleed.

  2. sarjo1988 Says:

    smh @ niggaz trynna work out in spring for summer you’re a half a whale.
    all it takes is a good 3 months to get in decent shape, unless u some fat fuck

  3. Casket Face Says:

    i hung around too many honkies this year rap


    Ran so far from the streets that you can’t come back
    You tripping with nowhere to unpack, forgot that

    Chorus: (Scratched by DJ Premier with variations):

    “This is rap for real, something you feel”
    “And you know, yes you know”
    “Rap for the black people”
    “Heeeeyyyy, heeeeeyyyy”

  4. whywonttheseniggasSTFU Says:

    feces drink crisco and tonic…

    fat slob of a nigga…

    he was on hoarders, they found all kinds of fish sandwich rappers and happy meals.. nigga was collecting the kids toys…

  5. JihaD Says:

    Dos Equis Says:
    March 14th, 2012 at 10:18 am
    smh @ niggaz trynna work out in spring for summer you’re a half a whale.



    I work out in some capacity all year long– I tend to ramp my workouts starting April and go in until about November, then give my body some rest time.


  6. Bicro Says:

    Good on yall for recognizing the BR.

  7. London Bloke Says:

    el feces was so disappointed when he found out the cake soap his girl been using wasnt an actual cake

  8. charles lee ray Says:

    right now the scoreboard says

    LMG 3

    ZIPS 0

    Can u ask bsg to hurry up with that response

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