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Video: Game ft. Kendrick Lamar – The City (Behind The Scenes)

The official behind the scenes of Game’s latest music video ‘The City’ featuring Kendrick Lamar. Directed By Matt Alonzo.

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2 Responses to “Video: Game ft. Kendrick Lamar – The City (Behind The Scenes)”

  1. jderrida Says:

    nigga im the who’s who of whos who
    you hang around waste like a tutu
    im the shit nigga you just doo doo
    you about to bicth up like desmond tutu
    i dont be where google be
    im making movies nigga hulu me
    thomas im bout to edit son
    you see where this be headed son?
    niggaz like feces be headed son
    nobody said you won
    listen tommy im sorry u caught me kissin mommy
    on ya way to piss ya potty


    Its hard to fire on this fuck nigga
    I keeping laughing at his verses
    Talk a good game like them hustling pastors in mega churches
    I’m battling Highsaiah Ross
    This nah shit works one way tho, I’m the boss
    Highsaiah claim to fame is being a lame
    Proud for being internet famous
    Popular for being filmed with three cocks in his anus
    When this nigga rep his street cred
    Brags about thugging and getting shot
    He means being a target for hundred cum shots
    In 2012 we occupy all streets
    Progress will come, ignore the cynics
    Cause fags like feces occupy AIDs clinics
    Telling dimes to come through
    Knowing you don’t have a house to come too
    So it makes since why google can’t find you
    Showering, sleeping, shitting at the Y
    This pathetic Nigga’s biography make Oprah cry
    It be a story of horror and terror
    Father hated him cause Feces was an error
    His fuck mom should have shallowed him
    Dad came fast tho and lil Feces could swim
    9 months you popped out that slim
    See if your alive the doc slapped your ass
    To everyone’s surprise you said do it again
    Pop didn’t like that his son was gay
    so he kept feces caged
    Drunkenly he throw rocks at your ass, enraged
    Using the internet as a way to escape
    Without nah this nigga tear like tape
    Living vicariously threw a screen name
    Focusing your anger in ether, cause of the shame
    Of being a nigga who lives in a C-section
    Only in your comments do women show you affection
    In reality you cower from conflict
    But on the internet you keystyle tough like a prison convict
    Be real nigga, be true
    I say what I believe and defend my view
    Don’t fucking care who my girl screw
    But this fuck nigga fronts
    If Feces tells it, pussy served to him on a platter
    But when the convo starts up he has no comment on the subject matter
    This is the last 16 you get
    You were raped in the first
    Disemboweled in the second
    Murder in the third so nothing left to be reckoned
    Says more about me than about you
    But the nigga who jderrida bodied, is now how nahggas will refer to you

  2. Tong Po Flo Says:

    trill wave

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