Killa Kyleon – Syrup City

Killa Kyleon goes in over the ‘Rack City’ beat.

Download: Link

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One Response to “Killa Kyleon – Syrup City”

  1. jderrida Says:

    oh you think you comp now?
    put ya comp down calm down you damn clown
    went from long winded philosophical garbage
    to rhetorical knowledge
    you a fuck boi
    cant shower with out ya duck toy
    hair in a bun towel across ya chest
    spraying lotus flower bomb on ya butt boi
    church mouse russy from runs house
    jacket on wit my guns out..wtffff


    Still firing shots, you don’t war
    My ether hurt you like when your boyfriend made you sore
    I got verses that rip your soul apart
    feeling like Nas paying child support
    Don’t understand a nigger’s logic
    Stay eating Ls it could only be biologic
    Still continuing to fire bullshit
    Rap get no co-sign and yet you keep typing the same ol’ bullshit
    Fuck nigga keep keystyling about gay jokes
    Fuck nigga ain’t a comedian performing for gay folks
    Covertly in the closet
    Google maps title your house a semen deposit
    Don’t comment in my direction again
    You post to get the attention from men
    Add nothing to the C-section
    Just troll nahggas to fuel your erection
    Nahggas read this and say Thomas just got a lethal injection

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