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Video: Too $hort ft. CO – Tryin to Come Up

Directed by Joslyn Rose Lyons.

Previously: Too $hort & Snoop Dogg – Freaky Tales (Video)

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9 Responses to “Video: Too $hort ft. CO – Tryin to Come Up”

  1. Eastern_Digital Says:

    Gangsta Lean needs to be in that Pharrell tape. Frontin too

  2. jderrida Says:

    Yo TKF did you hear about how when they robbed that nigga in Canada they made him twerk to Rack City?I died a little inside when I heard that.



  3. why? Says:

    YN <<<<<<<<<<<<

    Heard that interview with Hodgy from OF and dude just kept saying nigga as if since the guy is light skin he feels more black saying nigga a bunch of times. Dude is cornier than eskay.

  4. Das racist Says:

    The fuck is a YN?

  5. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Tygas meltin

  6. Casket Face Says:

    yn = yellow nigga

    elliot wilson, that nigga is that dude with this hip-hop journalism…breaks bread, does his part. have nothing bad to say about him.

    keeps it one hunnid wit rappers, thats why they respect him.

  7. sarjo1988 Says:

    Tygas meltin
    where at…he was jus down here, i didnt go…lil bro did tho…show was over at 9 pm on a saturday, which i thought was wack…but said it was an iight show…actually cpl girls he knows from his hs got onto young ninos bus and chilled with them smh…pics on twitter with 17 y.o’s holding lq and smokin blunts

  8. jderrida Says:

    The fuck is a YN?


    Co ?

    YN in the cat who runs RapRadar?

  9. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Tyga BEEN Meltin tho
    When he was whinin bout 40 glocc takin his chain and he was eating cash melt status
    Then he was whinin cuz his album got pushed back
    Now he’s licking shots at MTO which is a auto fail they’ll end his career in the online cOmmunity
    Gay rumors, fake groupie tales, blac chyna cheating on him they can slander him quickly

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