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Slaughterhouse – Hammer Dance (CDQ/No Tags)

Here is the untagged version of Slaughterhouse’s first release from their upcoming album welcome to: OUR HOUSE.

Produced by araabMUZIK.

Previously: Slaughterhouse – She Will Freestyle

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39 Responses to “Slaughterhouse – Hammer Dance (CDQ/No Tags)”

  1. Highsaiah Thomas Says:

    charles lee ray Says:
    February 28th, 2012 at 11:36 am

    my bad. charles lee ray – stay schemin LMGmix

    You da best csection rapper yo..hands down

    nigga said ..

    play pussy like its a sport when i score
    catch me on the backpages of backpages

    stop it clr

  2. London Bloke Says:

    Slaughterhouse – Hammer Dance (CDQ/No Tags)



  3. rex hussla Says:

    “Haaa-aaaa-aaands on the wheeee-eee-eee-eeelll…

    nuh uhhh FUCK THAT”

  4. Das racist Says:

    >>> this track

  5. Highsaiah Thomas Says:

    *hits rewind*..yo clr went in on this

    nigga said

    “posted up on nahright under Slaughterhouse- Hammerdance
    show up show out make SICK call the amberlamps”

    how’d he know his post was gonna show up here? That nigga nice yo..wow

  6. Harlem World Says:

    b went the fuck in on that track

    i liked the last verse, i never heard a flow like that

  7. Harlem World Says:

    araabmusik got lazy

  8. London Bloke Says:

    yo CLR this fire

    Can’t get my music to the fans, i fail to supply the customer
    Failed wearing FUBU like my name Rex Hussla

  9. Jackson7 Says:

    Wall Street Journal says:

    Down Jones indicators say Landlord Music Group stock is down 33% in the last hour, due to ongoing labor disputes and aparrant striking in their distribution centers..

  10. MiddleClassJoe Says:

    Speaking of songs.

    Kevin Waldron wheres that Lord Knows freestyle?

  11. rex hussla Says:

    SMH at Lamar Odom…

    now dude wants a buyout? LMAO…I understand going through personal issues, but if I just took a couple weeks off for personal weekends and my work performance was shitty all year, my work would have fired my ass. He wants his full pay and his 2 million buyout for next year so he can go sign a contract with somebody else? Kardashians ruin everything.

  12. Highsaiah Thomas Says:

    i got more ice and cream than DQ
    ya bitch or these coke prices
    they up n down like a EQ

    stop it mayneee

    lmg >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Can’t get my music to the fans, i fail to supply the customer
    Failed wearing FUBU like my name Rex Hussla

    i caught chill on my forearm hairs when he said that (nullus)

    Yo where can i buy this song clr?

  13. Harlem World Says:

    oh damn b said

    the big mac leave you weezing, like you eating at mosquedonalds

    shots fired??

  14. London Bloke Says:

    Nahright Riot
    Cause the hulkshare was private
    Can i send the file to you to see if you can try-it?


  15. rex hussla Says:

    Swag on a hundred
    till my scarf got stuck in my bike spoke

    Still rockin these bi-curious capri pants
    like my name was London Bloke

    (c) Charles Lee Ray gems

  16. London Bloke Says:

    OK it works

  17. Highsaiah Thomas Says:


    this hulkshare shit getting complicated

    finally nigga

    rip to the zipsquad….its lmg motherfucker

    oh shit ….stop…stoppppp it yooooo stop it…yoooooooooooooooo SICK..get that nigga OMG….

  18. charles lee ray Says:


    this hulkshare shit getting complicated

  19. Harlem World Says:

    * dj holidays it up*




  20. Jackson7 Says:


  21. E aka Mac with the Cheese Says:

    from the hoopty coupe to the mini coupe


  22. Jackson7 Says:


    RIP Shitsquad

  23. Highsaiah Thomas Says:

    oh this shit..

    i done broke up mad chronic ..on ass promised

    Yo Land..come get this nigga…he gon either get money or get killed..GATTTTTTTTTTT dayummmmmmm

  24. rex hussla Says:

    Uh-oh I got it now though [ll]

    “but thats what happens when you eating out prostitutes on backpage”


  25. Das racist Says:

    LMG >>>

  26. Harlem World Says:

    b sound like a puerto rican

    his flow remind me a lil of early camron

  27. Highsaiah Thomas Says:

    SICK got it the worse tho..damn ..I feel bad embracing this life

    That boy clr a prollem land..get that nigga a booth

    he sold a beat to free j?

    ^ lol the annunciation killin me

  28. rex hussla Says:

    “You sold a beat to Free J…you sold a beat to Free J?”

  29. sarjo1988 Says:

    *awaiting dl*

  30. Harlem World Says:


    smh x roff

  31. London Bloke Says:


  32. Jackson7 Says:

    “…he sold a beat to Free J… HE SOLD A BEAT TO FREE J??..”

  33. charles lee ray Says:

    no shots at free j

  34. E aka Mac with the Cheese Says:

    oh shit

  35. Jackson7 Says:

    “.. yall aint got no ether for me… you softer than the Easter Bunny”




  36. Mel Kiper III Says:



    RIP SheHad

  37. MiddleClassJoe Says:

    This guy sounds like Tyga.

  38. Mel Kiper III Says:

    add uncle murders stay scheming verse to CLR’s

    and i swear to god ill throw that on my ipod

  39. ChainHeavy Says:

    This guy sounds like Tyga.
    More like Danny Brown.

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