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Chip Tha Ripper ft. Casey Veggies – The Jam

Chip Tha Ripper releases some new music after revealing that he turned down the XXL Freshmen cover.

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Props: Complex

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4 Responses to “Chip Tha Ripper ft. Casey Veggies – The Jam”

  1. TruthSerum Says:

    Harlem World Says:
    February 28th, 2012 at 7:20 pm
    All answers will be addressed on the ZIPS album released tomorrow.


    GTFOH w/ that Zzzzz….MGZombie ol’ Night of the Living Dead ass screen name rap…What them niggaz still don’t realize they’re DEAD…Zip ‘em up and toe tag ‘em…That Shelton Lee crap we body bag ‘em…Niggaz is GHOST…fucking spooks that are stuck in limbo…Harlem World’s Last Samurai you like Whoopie in Ghost….Think about it….Shailure is Patrick Swayze (R.I.P.) sending telepathic messages to you to give to Pig Shit Brain aka Demi Moore…Think about it my g…Shit is deep!!! Shelton gon’ explain the false advertising and all around fraudulent nature of his organization? Guess what….IDGAF! Tell that nigga in one of ya psychic interactions to push the delete button on them garbage ass bars…Matter fact tell him to take the WHOLE ZZzzzz….MG Catalog and put in the Recycle bin on his school’s computer….NO ONE CARE’S ANYMORE!!!! He’s officially Milk Carton Status ’round these parts, ya feel me!? I bet the lil’ niggaz in his school are nicer than that rhythmically challenged muthafucka. Them shorties got bars and wyle life experience that would translate well with this current Hip Hop generation….Melton let them lil’ niggaz cook, quit hogging up the studio time on sum ol’ Pig Shit Brain ish, homie….Zzz….zzzz….MG foodstamp debuting that new Pig Shit Brain “I Can Push Yo’ Shit In Wider” featuring the first single “Pork Fried Rice” ft. Jeremy Lin….GTFOH….Them niggaz dead, b! Tides turned the homie B got the Juice!


  2. Carlos Voltron Says:

    I don’t partake in drugs and I only occasionally drink…

    But that ‘Druggys with the hoes’ track is kinda infectious.

    *Clicks play again*

  3. Danny Ocean Says:

    ZIPS > LMG

    LMG too focused on Nah.

    They need to expand their horizons if they wanna compete.

    ZIPS got Facebooks n shit.

    nah bro

    that’s all fluff

    it’s like in The Sandlot, when the rival team from the neighborhood came to the field with their fancy uniforms, equipment and name brand gear…and got demolished.

    zipsquad studio equipment, resources and facebook fan ain’t gonna do much if ya raps are lacking.

  4. Casket Face Says:

    Das racist Says: February 28th, 2012 at 7:27 pm

    Smh @ Cudi pushing MOTM 3 back to 2014


    cudi put his career on hold for a show that got cancelled, i think people just lost interest in what cudi has to say. he should get better at acting while he ls a fresh face. he was nothing more than a mixtape rappper anyway, you can only go so far with the lane he chose.

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