Video: T.I. ft. Young Jeezy – Fuck Da City Up

Previously: T.I. – I Need Dollas

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364 Responses to “Video: T.I. ft. Young Jeezy – Fuck Da City Up”

  1. JDS of the Cobra Kai Dojo Says:

    @ seth,

    i got it.

  2. sarjo1988 Says:

    that’s the problem with america, all this politically correct “have a nice day passiveness”
    i dont think thats the case on nah at all tho…i thought u mofos were gon go in when i dropped the “but blacks have a big part in holding themselves back” line….but i had to tell it like it is, and it seems like it was taken for wut it is also

    none of that fake shit here

  3. tHe KiD fRaNKiE Says:

    Give us FreeFace

  4. ChainHeavy Says:

    My family hates that Im always with tall anglo-saxon bitches with blonde hair and blue eyes.But thats the kind of bitch that loves me.I didnt ask for this.It breaks my moms heart,but these girls are throwing it at me.Am I supposed to say “Im good,you dont have enough melanin,”

  5. Jackson7 Says:

    Casketface = Professor Griff


  6. Harlem World Says:


    i think youre gonna be mad at white people, black people, spanish people etc whatever happens – because you put race into every aspect of life

    i understand that i have and will probably still be treated differently because i am black, as i try move up the ladder – for example even househunting out of state, the realtor doesnt wanna sell me a home in an all white middle/upper class neighbourhood -money respects money

    however, i dont let that burden me – being from the slums builds character, if anything made me wise up and see shit for what it really is

    its your life, i cant tell a grown ass man how he should live

    but youll severly restrict your money making opportunities with that way of thought

  7. Casket Face Says:

    tHe KiD fRaNKiE Says:
    February 24th, 2012 at 12:34 pm
    Give us FreeFace



    aight lets change the subject…

    alice eve >

    body is perfect

  8. Jackson7 Says:

    Casketface = Prince’s father in the movie “Purple Rain”

  9. sarjo1988 Says:

    i steered clear of marrying a dominican broad….they be crazy

    ^But the Puss >>>
    :( i miss it

    i was at the spanish spot yesterday gettin my order of rice beans and chicken…and the bitch behind the counter was jus so bangin, fat ass, titties pokin out,juicy ass lips with red lipstick, ghetto ass hair in a hairnet. lookin so fuckable

    hoodrats sometimes>>>>>

    they get a nigga thinkin……dammmmn sometimes

  10. tHe KiD fRaNKiE Says:

    0 mins ago
    Casketface = Professor Griff


    *no sign Griff is on point
    This nigga just hurt cuz he can’t get a Spanish bitch and them white boys shat on him the other day. Nothin more nothin less. Read closely


  11. Jackson7 Says:

    i BEEN told niggas bout Alice Eve..

    right after i seen “Shes Out Of my League”

    top 10 kizza broad at least

  12. Casket Face Says:

    euro honkies > home grown


    pussy always will take a nigga out the game

  13. Harlem World Says:

    “even adorned by norwegian women
    blonde hair and blue eyes
    i get em back with a vengance”

    niccas still sleeping on this line

    quotable status!

  14. sarjo1988 Says:

    my best word of advice is kill em with kindness….white ignorant folk cant stand to see a spanish/black person with manners, well spoken, and lookin like they got they shit together

    kills em inside

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