I-20 ft. Sha Stimuli – Gods Plan (Remix)

Sha Stimuli jumps on the remix to I-20’s ‘God’s Plan’ record.

Download: Link

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4 Responses to “I-20 ft. Sha Stimuli – Gods Plan (Remix)”

  1. JDS of the Cobra Kai Dojo Says:

    Is what it is though.. I think I was more startled that I didn’t give a fuck is all.


    damn. that’s rough.

    i don’t even know the nigga but imagining one meeting their end through a swift boot-kick to the chest or wheezily gasping their last breaths alone in a dark car trunk is haunting. even though i’ve actually seen worse.

  2. Bricktop Says:

    Coldplay is one of the biggest bands in the world to this day.Linkin Park collabed with Jay-Z after two diamond albums in a row.20 million albums sold.Theyre both huge.Theres cultural relevance there that Tyga or Wale will never have.
    I get what you’re getting at, but kind of disagree nonetheless. You can sugar coat shit all you want, but the fact of the matter is that the Linkin Park and Coldplay collabs sounded like ass and were nothing more than money grabs for Hov (i.e. business moves). The Nas song on the other hand actually sounds quite nice. And I hate Tyga and Wale.

  3. tHe kiD FranKiE Says:

    10 mins ago
    frankie, you cant really speak on mc’s b. you dont listen to them.

    ^lies I happen to listen to the goat mc daily

    I dot hate nas honestly I just like to upset the Bravehearts but as a fan I’m disappointed in him he hasn’t been the same since Stillmatic

  4. 911 Says:


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