Video: Yelawolf ft. Kid Rock – Lets Roll (Live On David Letterman)

Yelawolf performs his single ‘Let’s Roll’ with Kid Rock on the Late Show With David Letterman.

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156 Responses to “Video: Yelawolf ft. Kid Rock – Lets Roll (Live On David Letterman)”

  1. B Says:

    Whose checkin for shells doe?

  2. a Says:

    sarjo is killin da comments again…after we worked so hard to get dem back…just fuck off sarjo

  3. Bricktop Says:

    New post
    Fuck it.
    We like this one.

  4. Free J Says:

    *daps my ppls*

    whoever said Nas shoudl do a stay schemin remix is right, that instrumental would do him good.

  5. JihaD Says:

    For those that haven’t checked it out- New Thraxx “Mind Gone” is up today. BSG’s #HATE available now and Us & Guns available now. Tonight new HendoVillianz “Tonight” & “Major League Money” drops. Friday is new Zipsquad Shit.

    And Saturday we back in the booth, will prolli ustream it since its Speez’s wrap up session for “I Can Make Yo Sh** Tighter.”


  6. MiddleClassJoe Says:

    co-sign putting London Blokes wifeys legs over ya shoulders and trying out the viennese oyster position…..

    That position coupled with the contrast in black and white skin colour would make for great photography too.

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