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Video: Too $hort ft. Wallpaper – Double Header

$hort clowns around in this latest visual from his No Trespassing project, due out 2/28.

Previously: Too $hort ft. Silk-E – Hey (Video)

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7 Responses to “Video: Too $hort ft. Wallpaper – Double Header”

  1. DJ Chase Says:

    Church is more reminiscent of a better time for Dipset overall.

    ^Most definitely.

  2. Bricktop Says:

    Natural beauty stands on its own.
    Exactly. We need to get back to what a dime is truly supposed to be.
    Dime=as close to perfection as humanly possible.

  3. A Chick Says:

    Eric Mangini Says:
    February 10th, 2012 at 12:10 pm
    Never sleep over a side chicks house.

    Only applies in the summer..

    I be damned if im getting up at 2-3am to go home in the cold just to assuage the feelings of some chick i have no feelings for you crazy

    Would you let a side chick stay over ur house? Breakfast the next day and alla dat?

  4. A Chick Says:

    Women are just liars..its just a fact we as men have to deal with, all of them are “illusions” ..her tits in dem push up bras is a lie, her ass in dem heels is a lie, her eyelashes, her eyeshadow, her hair.

    Men can’t handle the truth though so we encourage them to keep lying

    The woman you go to bed with is rarely the one you’ll wake up to.
    Yooo I think I know u. lol

    A fella was jus tellin me alla this last week, VERBATIM.

  5. ChainHeavy Says:

    Yo A$AP was fucking crazy.Top 3 shows I’ve ever been to.That niggas a star.

  6. Eric Mangini Says:

    Would you let a side chick stay over ur house? Breakfast the next day and alla dat?

    Depends..if its a new side chick and im not sure of her motives hell nah..like SICK said if its some piece you got an understanding with then once or twice is no biggie.

    The only problem I have with side pieces is not knowing when to leave…chicks like to steal my shit too..send me pics of them wearing shit from my house like thats cute.

    Chicks steal anything that smell like me

  7. Bricktop Says:

    European standards of beauty for un European women<<<<<<

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