Video: Young Chris – I’m Good

In studio video for Young Chris’ ‘Im Good’ record which will appear on producer J. Manifest’s upcoming album “Manifest”.

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3 Responses to “Video: Young Chris – I’m Good”

  1. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:🚗.lane

  2. verses Says:

    Left field: But has anyone read / got a link re: Fat Joey butt cracks (none) Terror Squad v. Camel’s Rocafella?

    I’ve read bits of stories here and there – Pun smashin a bottle over Dames head, Pun chasing jay round the offices and whatnot, but someone must of dry snitched a little more on what went down, how it relates to why Joseph was somewhat blackballed by the tall Israelite etc.??


    harlem, where you at sun? You know dis shits dont ya?

  3. verses Says:

    Sometime in 1998, there was an impromptu performance at an unnamed club in NYC. Fresh off the success of Volume 2… Hard Knock Life, Jay-Z, Dame Dash and Sauce Money (amongst other Roc-a-Fella affiliates) were toasting Cristal and downing shots of Hennessey. The usually abstemious Jay-Z was celebrating especially hard as “Can I Get A…” and “Hard Knock Life” were shooting up the charts. When big Jigga had his name shouted out over the house mic, he was so enamored with his own accomplishments (not to mention extremely drizzed) he jumped up on the stage, grabbed the mic and launched into a spontaneous performance. The crowd went ballistic.

    Late as usual for their scheduled performance, members of the Terror Squad and their entourages finally arrived. They were shocked to see Jay-Z already on the stage, with the crowd reciting along with him. The fans barely saw 600-pound Big Punisher as he strode in, they were so captivated by Jigga’s act. This angered the Don Fat Joe, and his camp marched backstage for a confrontation. Terror Squad had just finished recording “Quiet on tha Set” for the 10th Anniversary release of N.W.A.’s Straight Outta Compton, and no doubt were about to demand as much from the Roc-A-Fella clique. Backstage, words were exchanged between the two camps and the performance onstage soon fizzled out once Jay-Z caught wind of the situation.

    To make a point in his argument, Fat Joe tried to rip a Roc-a-Fella chain off somebody’s neck until the usually cool-headed Jay-Z reacted in drunken rage. He swiped at Fat Joe who found his own Terror Squad-piece hitting the floor as a result of the struggle. A skirmish breaks out between the two camps and security tries to intervene. Somewhere in the ruckus, Big Punisher catches Jay-Z in the back of the head with a champagne bottle, collapsing him to the floor. A gun is flashed, screams are heard and finally the two parties are separated. Roc-a-Fella flees out the back door, while Terror Squad members try to unwind at the bar. Soon thereafter they leave as well, never even getting on stage for their own show.

    The streets are the streets, and real bad boys move in silence. That’s why this altercation was never made public on wax – because each party is too real for that petty shit. But the resentment never dissipated, even after Pun’s death. In fact, five years later the two forces would go on to meet again – this time at the famed EBC Rucker Park Championship (“Entertainer’s Basketball Classic”) in NYC. Not enough members of Team S. Carter showed up, so Terror Squad eventually won by forfeit two hours after scheduled tip off. Fat Joe and Jay-Z have never collaborated together on record.

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