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Meek Mill ft. Rick Ross – Erday (No Tags/CDQ)

Leaked earlier this week with tags. This will appear on Meek Mill’s Dreamchasers 2.

Download: Link

Produced by Cardiak. Props to HNHH.

Previously: Meek Mill – Audemar

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25 Responses to “Meek Mill ft. Rick Ross – Erday (No Tags/CDQ)”

  1. Bricktop Says:


  2. Eric Mangini Says:

    Predictions 2013

    “Jeremy” will replace “ho” as the most popular name for chinese babies

  3. Danny Ocean Says:

    twenty gods poppin wheelies on kawasaki’s

  4. Troubleshooter1900 Says:

    between apple products and smart phones and all these satellite/gps technological advances and whatnot…

    we’re probably not too far away from this, quiet as kept. but we’ll save conspiracy theories for another day

    ^I can track anyone of you easy. It’s mostly already done b. the sitemeter at the bottom of the screen will locate you in a heartbeat. Just run someone’s phone number through OMT Erriccson software, with the city and state and, voila, there you are.

    Not as complicated as one would like to believe.

  5. rex hussla Says:

    who the fuck was able to sit there and edit that video for hours straight though?

    No wonder that shit took forever to come out, they must have killed off 8 video editors over the last couple of months.

  6. Bricktop Says:

    Nah, that’s just your brain trying to decipher alla that disguised symbolism. It’ll pass soon.
    The same could be said about the album’s artwork.
    Or Kanye’s “Power” video.

  7. Jackson7 Says:

    LMAO @ Jihad “”hurting” me…

    yeah.. it hurt to listen to him rap…

    you right about that..

    and it hurt to get all them e-mails begging for bars..


    but what hurt the most, was when he named his next “Mixtape” after me…

    im SO hurt…

  8. cOLD Says:

    twenty gods poppin wheelies on kawasaki’s

    ^ they don’t hear you tho

  9. cOLD Says:

    Hip hops got me on some. Spraying shots like a drum roll blanking out never misscount the shells my gun hold

  10. Stot Says:

    Duckface dumbminccan ain’t I payed you to not comment?

    We already had ur eulogy

  11. Bricktop Says:

    Cutting off your own nose to spite your face is never a good look.

  12. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Aye remix I kno u lurkin simpgawd

  13. sarjo1988 Says:

    jackson look, my opinion was unprovoked hating says more about the nigga doin the hating then wut they hating on….i still stand by that

    wutever it is between u n jihad, he aint been here for weeks , and out of nowhere u still shittin on his projects….idk exactly wut it is, but theres deff something there for u to keep him in ya mind like that

    so be it, and move on….

  14. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Meek mill livin dat life on instagram

  15. charles lee ray Says:

    My nigga mike wiliee the dyno from 145 to 25th true stillz

  16. Bricktop Says:

    The rhymes
    The cash
    The weed

    Ghetto celebrities, hood movie stars.

  17. Jackson7 Says:

    sarjo is the ultimate nahright victim..

    he STAY attaching himself to lost causes… (pigpen, S.L. Orion, fat ufly white women, etc)

    because he is so unimportant and inconsequential and universally disliked, that the only battles he can even attempt to fight, are others’ battles..

    bless his sold out heart

  18. sarjo1988 Says:

    if the shit i was saying wasnt true and hittin home jackson u would have left it alone like the rest of my comments…case closed

  19. LeRoy Green Says:


  20. Das racist Says:

    Yo sarjo, fall back (II)

  21. rex hussla Says:

    Mr. Muthafuckin Xquire vid w/El-P, Danny Brown & Das Racist is grimy as shit! Can’t believe I slept on this shit WOOOOOOOOH!!

  22. Troubleshooter1900 Says:

    No, I don’t run down and fuck one…

    I walk down, and fuck them all.

  23. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Lol @ boost mobile loc

  24. sarjo1988 Says:

    i already left the topic alone, as u continue to show ur emotions about the shit…jihad scarred u lmao and i guess im exposing it?

    poor minnesotan

  25. Jackson7 Says:

    sarjo forreal.. im not spending no more time going back and forth with you about Jihad, especially when everything ive said now, ive said to Jihad..

    he even knows he’s a wack MC… so what you call “hating” is my (and many others) opinion of his zipsquad coasters..

    so if you feel so tight about it, that you need to defend a nigga that dont even need or want defending, than you keep on being a good zipsquad soldierette…

    dumbass, you initiated this exchange by quoting my comment about the matter in the first place..

    just mind your business lil nigga…

    and civility will STAY intact…

    “niggas bored, wanna be in shit”

    whats the matter?, you couldnt take it when you were in lurking/hiding, and nobody cared?

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