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Action Bronson, Rockie Fresh & Macie Stewart – Dear Heather

Here is a new track from RubyHornet‘s Closed Sessions series. This was recorded in Novemeber and wiil not be appearing on the new album. Check out the behind the scenes footage above and download the finished product below.

Download: Link

Produced by Thelonious Martin.

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7 Responses to “Action Bronson, Rockie Fresh & Macie Stewart – Dear Heather”

  1. Tron Stockton Says:

    “Like Ron o Neal, like I’m Jermaine O Neal, like I’m Shaquile O Neal .. ”

    La the darkman is a really fucking terrible rapper

  2. b Says:

    Word. It’s funny how neither Havoc nor Prodigy are spectacular lyricists, yet they’ve managed to make multiple albums that stand toe to toe with the legacies of the elite albums.

    ^p might be the hardest ever, then comes styles p. I dont mean he the most gangsta either, his music is the hardest. i knew chicks who knew the original version to quiet storm .chill.

  3. DJ Chase Says:

    I will echo, for a group that has never really aimed to make “commercial music” chicks be knowing Mobb Deep classics for real

  4. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Fly girls I fuck all dem
    Beautiful bitches that even look good in the morning
    Pardon my awesomeness darling
    But some dudes just cut out fa dis star shit

  5. b Says:

    bruce lee>>>>>>>>

  6. mcb Says:



  7. Bricktop Says:

    @ Chase:
    True indeed.

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