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SonReal ft. Saigon – Bedtime

Off SonReal‘s upcoming Good News project.

Download: Link

Previously: Saigon Performs On Sway In The Morning

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13 Responses to “SonReal ft. Saigon – Bedtime”

  1. Eric Mangini Says:

    Oh shit..two niggaz became one..and they called it bedtime

  2. Bricktop Says:

    Man, what kind of peanut butter and jelly…?!?!

  3. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:



  4. Eastern_Digital Says:

    pause yo PAUSE!

  5. Jackson7 Says:

    niggas spent too long in jail with other niggas rap

  6. sarjo1988 Says:

    no sign niggas lips touchin in any form or fashion

  7. whywonttheseniggasSTFU Says:


  8. C. Dufflebags Says:

    Drake is such a fuckin BAWSE my mind cant even fathom it..

    this dude is WILD b

  9. whywonttheseniggasSTFU Says:

    there needs to be more thought put into these song titles/cover art etc…



  10. Troyvul Says:

    Niggas love this jail rap smfh

  11. C. Dufflebags Says:

    that Warning Shots 3 tape was pretty nice

    I can cosine it.

  12. sarjo1988 Says:

    new post, bodied this with the quickness

  13. whywonttheseniggasSTFU Says:

    nosign drake

    nosign drake fans…

    i realized… the only reason drake raps is because RnB is dead…

    Aubrey woulda been perfect in that genre…

    its just he has no other place to put his music out.. so rap it is…

    i just dont like it.

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