Red Bull Launchpad: Where great ideas battle. And one takes flight.

It always amazes me how much money and effort Red Bull puts into all of the cool sports and lifestyle events that they participate in. It’s almost like nothing is impossible with these guys and that’s the theme of their new Launchpad program where they will take one amazing idea and turn it into a reality.

If you think you have the next big idea, Red Bull is presenting you with a once in a lifetime opportunity.

At Launchpad, Red Bull’s taking someone’s big idea and making it real. Why not make it yours?

Here’s all you have to do: Make a short video telling us your big, cool, never-seen-before idea. (Don’t show us – tell us. We want to make you famous, not make your mama cry.) Your idea will then compete against other ideas for the chance to become real.

Here’s my idea, what’s yours?

Ready? Then come get your wings. Visit for complete details.

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One Response to “Red Bull Launchpad: Where great ideas battle. And one takes flight.”

  1. Mike Says:

    Why you need redbull to make this come true.? You’ve been in the game for a minute you must have some connections. Just saying cause its a real dope idea.

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