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J The S – The Last Days (Album)

Boston’s J The S has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his long-awaited debut studio album, “The Last Days”. The project features Styles P, Pill, and Emilio Rojas with production coming from The Kickdrums, M-Phazes, J. Cardim, Keelay and more.

Track list and download link below.

Download: Link

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12 Responses to “J The S – The Last Days (Album)”

  1. Dos Equis Says:

    shit I’m sick of on nahright

    stot/sarjo jokes..ya’ll both can go..sarjo be chillin for the most part till stot baits him into acting like a dickvein..both lames with them Go Green jokes

  2. Stot Says:

    Frankie you goin let him talk to you like that?

    not Pi face

    say it aint so

  3. hood trill stunting aka trap day man Says:

    .both lames with them Go Green jokes

    > roffs.

  4. Stot Says:

    I aint stoppin till I end his career

    you heeeeerrrrrrrbbbbbbbbbbb

  5. sarjo1988 Says:

    Dos Equis Says:

    January 19th, 2012 at 1:23 pm
    shit I’m sick of on nahright
    co sign…

    fuck the rest shit where u included me tho

  6. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Co sign sick

  7. S.I.C.K Says:

    *daps the ill fecal*

  8. JDS of the Cobra Kai Dojo Says:

    J The S? …terrible name.

  9. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Lol @ stot doe

  10. Stot Says:

    I done turned dude into a Raype Victim

    You been sodumized

  11. S.I.C.K Says:

    Co sign sick
    Que???What I said?

  12. S.I.C.K Says:

    nevermind I got it

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