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A.P. – WWE Shit (The Giant)

#FreeWill available February 1st.

Download: Link

Previously: A.P. – Low Down Dirty Shame

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6 Responses to “A.P. – WWE Shit (The Giant)”

  1. jderrida Says:

    Common fired on #OwlGawd

    You know Aubrey caught feelings over it…Nigga was firing all over that Ross song (II)

    Common lit that nigga up…Canada Dry!

    Walking down campus today and saw some Kizza walking w/that line on a shirt

  2. Dos Equis Says:

    Feces, you co-sign an effeminate R&B dude talking about “when rap was real” click clackin and all of that with the mean mug though?

    Drake? hahahahahahaaaaa

    I never said Drake was hardcore…Drake show more love for his past than most rappers..Common is not the nigga to check drake..he has made slower/softer music than Drizzy, it’s hipocritical.

    This nigga common had a video of himself in the corner biting a pillow while watching erykah badu sleep..GTFOH

  3. jderrida Says:

    making love tunes for your female audience isn’t being soft…

    Searching threw your girls phone when she leaves the room when your the most popular rapper out is soft…

  4. Dos Equis Says:

    SMH @ sending the nigga from Just Wright to bring some balance to hip hop..now all dem pics of drizzy and Serena playing tennis and her bussing it open is fake.

    Them faggot niggaz is getting mad pussy dawg..ask Sisqo

  5. a Says:

    do sarjo know his wifey got a post on nah…..

  6. jderrida Says:

    Did Jay and Nas to interviews and falling back?


    I think remember reading Jay ending the beef during an interview…

    But I do know Hov’s momma made that nigga apologize to Nas and play nice

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