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AC – Stay Schemin Freestyle

New album “Courtesy Of A Nightmare” coming soon.

Download: Link

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One Response to “AC – Stay Schemin Freestyle”

  1. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    But he does tracks with Mac Miller(counts for something lol) & Wiz who all got hits out. Dza is worrying about nothing, he’s doing fine. Should be happy to be making a living off doing something he loves, not doing a grinding a 9 to 5. I like his music.

    In my opinion I felt like he came across his a lil bitter cuz he got bad reviews on rolling stoned.
    Shit he Rollin wit a good team and associates he’s on a decent level.
    Smoke weed n travel get paid to rap and record bags of clothes
    Fuck is the prollem
    Enjoy the ride smokey

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