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Video: Fabolous – Live @ Str8 Musik Festival

Out in Tanzania, Fabolous headlines the Str8 Musik Festival. Here is some footage of his performance.

Previously: Fabolous – There Is No Competition: Death Comes In 3′s (Artwork)

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6 Responses to “Video: Fabolous – Live @ Str8 Musik Festival”

  1. Jackson7 Says:

    Rib-Eye Steak, flame broiled medium well, with mushrooms and onions – side order of Baked Potatoe and butter and spinach and salad with italian dressing and a frosty glass of 7Up >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  2. jderrida Says:

    Putin >>>>
    Ahmadinejad >>>>
    Chavez >>>>


    Last of a dying breed…

  3. Jackson7 Says:

    cosign Hugo Chavez

  4. k1ng Says:

    so Saturday night me and the homie went over to Boston Pizza to catch the fight. Just as we get there we see these 2 bunnies to the table left of us. As the night/fights progress I noticed there are some eye contact going on. Without wasting any time I take my nigga over to the table, get him to buy a couple of drinks. One thing I noticed throught out the whole time we were there was that these bitches kept eyeing my wedding ring. Once they found out I was married they got even more comfortable.

    anyway after the fight was over and we leave the place and as soon as we step out one of the girl pulls out a paper plane and since it was cold we step into whip and hotbox the shit out of that motherfuker (haven’t done this since highschool).

    we go over to my bois place and as soon as we get there they started to get a lil freaky, talmbout how they never been with brown guys before and shit. As soon as we get to the leaving room wifey rings up the phone and as a loyal husband I leave the place and left them with my boi.

    I couldn’t get a hold of that nigga all day yesterday and this morning I get a phone call and this nigga tells me how he went all Minaj Et Toir on their ass and it was his first time.

    Im proud of ma boi I mean if you can’t have none then let the homies hit it or else what’s the point right?

  5. sarjo1988 Says:

    I take my nigga over to the table, get HIM to buy a couple of drinks.
    i lold tho

  6. S.I.C.K Says:

    *daps all*

    Mr and Mrs SICK are now officially together.Now I can share stories with other happily disgruntled husbands. At least her snoring is lighter than I remembered. May be moving back to BK for a larger spot when the ball drops.A lot of good shit happening right now.

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