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Video: McKenzie Eddy ft. Murs – Ice Cream Mountain

McKenzie Eddy returns with her second single off of her upcoming album Slow Your Horse Down, Son featuring fellow BluRoc artist Murs.

Previously: Cavi Life w/ Dame Dash, Cam’ron, Vado & McKenzie Eddy (Video)

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11 Responses to “Video: McKenzie Eddy ft. Murs – Ice Cream Mountain”

  1. baby jesus Says:

    the CUSP, I TELL YOU!!

    were on it!!!! (n)

  2. baby jesus Says:

    that close

    i swear!

  3. tHe KiD fRanKiE Says:


    Good thing they bodied that post quick

    Saw it comin

  4. jderrida Says:


    I be pissed as fuck if I were Amare…not as piss as heat fans

    Paul/Chandler/Melo vs Wade/James/Bosh

    My money is on the Knicks, just so happens that the heats weaknesses are @ the point and center

  5. baby jesus Says:

    thats y i cosign Victor Cruz

    he puts on for our peoples

    nosign any other giants player tho

    cept Steve Weatherford

    that was my man, 100 grand (nh)

    helluva punter

  6. LeRoy Green Says:

    He shorten the season for the Heat to win



    i been sayin all along….if (more like WHEN) the heat win the title this year…are ppl gonna put an * by it?? Sayin “oh it was a short season, it favored them”

    see 99 Spurs.

    I would disagree tho.

  7. Camelot Says:

    I Am Dame Dash >>>>>>

  8. jderrida Says:

    i been sayin all along….if (more like WHEN) the heat win the title this year…are ppl gonna put an * by it??


    Because of the Lebron hate yeah…

  9. baby jesus Says:

    cosign knicks rumors making shooting at VA Tech completely irrelevant

  10. Camelot Says:

    Lebron “No Rings” James

    Thats what it is

  11. jderrida Says:

    A suspect remained at large Thursday afternoon on the campus of Virginia Tech after a police officer and at least one other person were shot dead, the university said.

    During a traffic stop on campus, the suspect shot and killed a Virginia Tech police officer and then fled on foot through a nearby parking lot.

    A second person was later found dead in that parking lot, the university said.

    The university said the status of the shooter was unknown and the school remained on lockdown.

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