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Video: Ghostface Killah talks Boxing w/ theScore

Ghost talks Jets, Mark Sanchez, old school Dallas Cowboys, Joe Frazier, the current state of boxing and athletes from Staten Island.

“I thought I was the only champ on the island”

Props: theScore

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25 Responses to “Video: Ghostface Killah talks Boxing w/ theScore”

  1. tHe KiD fRanKiE Says:

    THe KiD FRanKiE
    1 min ago
    On a serious note how can you cosign ASAP and call 2 Chainz wack? Like what logic is at work here?

    ^you clearly didn’t hear live love ASAP rocky got Hella styles, flows, melodies etc
    2 chains none

    Their 2 mixtapes aren’t even comparable

    Juicy j >>>>>>>>2 chain whole life
    Juiceman >>>>>>2 chains

  2. Hood Trill Stunting aka Trap Day Man Says:


    my PR thing be sending me the raciest pics tryna get me to come hit.

    i may jus go to puerto rico tonight…

    even tho she crazy as hell.

    her puss>>>

  3. Troubleshooter1900 Says:

    Nas ain’t close imo, he’s the most overrated rapper of all time!

    Yo, real talk: imma find this nigga &what and kill him for this comment.

    Shit got real.

  4. Fyodor Drostoevsky Says:

    you clearly didn’t hear live love ASAP rocky got Hella styles, flows, melodies etc
    2 chains none

    Your opinion is your opinion, but by styles do you mean his derivative Houston screw style, or his derivative Midwest/Bone style, or his derivative I’ll just get all of these Lil B beats (Clams Casino) and call myself a pretty motherfucker style, or his I’m on codeine even though I’m a soho hypebeast style? Oh I get it he is from New York but he sounds like everywhere else… edgy. Rocky had some heat on there but the majority just seems like contrived cool chasing to me.

  5. Cashmere Cavalli aka Snowbunny Sampson Says:

    Co-sign ASAP Rocky remaking a DJ Screw tape and calling it LiveLove ASAP

    originality been dead

  6. b-ease Says:

    Live.Love.ASAP >>>>>>> 2 Chainz entire existence

  7. tHe KiD fRanKiE Says:

    Everyone style comes from somewhere someone else tho so……

  8. hl Says:

    Untitled >>>

  9. b-ease Says:

    0 mins ago
    Untitled >>>

    Nah. Nigger mixtape >>>> Untitled

  10. hl Says:

    *clocks out*

  11. b-ease Says:


    You still in the DC area dude?

  12. hl Says:

    Nah. Nigger mixtape >>>> Untitled

    ^Not at all. I’m out though.

  13. hl Says:

    @bease I’m working in Potomac. Staying out in Germantown for now. Looking for something more permanant.

  14. Fyodor Drostoevsky Says:

    Everyone style comes from somewhere someone else tho so……

    True. I don’t even think 2 Chainz is good on a actual level but, I think there is a difference between a skillful homage to an influence, where you truly study something and take it in a new direction, instead of just being like do you like regional trends in hip-hop well I’m all these things rolled up into one. Do you like fashion, well I love Raf Simons, see I just said his name. Do you like Bone? Well see I just did 4 bars in their cadence, and I said their name.

  15. LeRoy Green Says:

    2Chainz >>>> ASAP Rocky

    by a landslide

  16. LeRoy Green Says:



    stop it.

    I’m out tho


  17. ChainHeavy Says:

    Every rhyme I ever spit out my face was spotless.(c) Jay Electronica 2 Chaiiinnnzzzzzz

  18. ChainHeavy Says:

    I meant to strike through the Jay Elec.

  19. Fyodor Drostoevsky Says:

    I don’t care what kizza found him at Black Scale our whatever soho outpost, and put a battery in his back, you are really gonna sit here and say that a nigga that rhymed “redbone complexion of a piglet” with “shitting on you niglets” is nice, in a legit way. At least 2 Chainz knows he is dumb as fuck, and its funny. Niggas actually act like this nigga is nice, one mixtape in and dude is already running out of stores on Mercer St. to namedrop. An NY bamma is still a bamma.

  20. Fyodor Drostoevsky Says:

    or* whatever soho outpost

  21. b-ease Says:


    I don’t think anyone is positing that Rocky is “nice” in a traditional sense. Just that his tape shows a clear understanding of the importance of flow and beat selection, which 2Chainz’s tape does not, IMO.

  22. Yasser Pair-a-gats Says:

    Am I the only one who sometimes makes faces in the mirror and talks like I’m a member of the Wu Tang for 15 minutes on end?

    Yo word is bond son I tolt that nicca son word is bond son we don’t play that shit son word is bond son we could get you tied up and pour bleach on ya face son with a towel over that shit son so you feel like you drownin in a washing machine son word is bond son we don’t play son we might do the same to ya wiz son and then videotape that shit son and then play it back to you while we do the same shit to you son word is bond son and we’ll be starin at you while we do it son eatin fettucine and rice son and baked trout with a lemon reduction son word is bond son we do this shit son you think this a game son(?)

  23. tHe KiD fRanKiE Says:

    Dam I see what you sayin

  24. Hood Trill Stunting aka Trap Day Man Says:

    sandusky should literally jus body himself.

  25. Hood Trill Stunting aka Trap Day Man Says:

    14 yrs in the feds for rob blagojevich.

    illinois governors stay catchin L’s.

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