Video: Iron Solomon – Almost There

Video shot by Left of Frame Pictures. This is the intro song and the first release off of Iron Solomon’s Monster album. Produced by Isaiah and co-produced by Iron Solomon himself.

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6 Responses to “Video: Iron Solomon – Almost There”

  1. kevfresco Says:


    i’ll slap the negroe beans & vegetable rice outta you with a chimichunga my vato!

    & then tell ya lady to c’mere.

  2. kevfresco Says:

    ima start rappin & call myself alloy muhammad.

    my hype man will be named hands of hamza.

  3. kevfresco Says:

    we’ll upset crowds with our songs & jus run thru the crowd knockin niggas & bitches the fruck out.

    the ones in awe will subsequently convert to islam.

    we gonna bring in ashura with an entourage of sword jugglers, poz for you weirdos, in tow throwing up their arms on some wyle shit!

  4. kevfresco Says:

    4th & goal

  5. kevfresco Says:


  6. kevfresco Says:

    i comments like a NE patriot player.

    i’m ben jarvis green ellis with the flow.

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