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Video: Yelawolf European Tour (Part 4)

Part 4 of Yelawolf’s adventures in Europe.

Previously: Eminem & Yelawolf’s VIBE Cover Shoot (Video)

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17 Responses to “Video: Yelawolf European Tour (Part 4)”

  1. ilovemia305 Says:

    $WonDough$ >>>>

  2. the absence of heat Says:

    cOLD >>>

  3. tHe KiD fRanKiE Says:


  4. the absence of heat Says:

    I cool w/open relationships…

    ^ cuckold swag.

    • you’re cool with your smut sucking off other niggas
    • you’re cool with niggas shooting up that vag
    • you’re cool with sliding in with remnants of leftovers in there

    you my friend are the fuckest of fuckroaces (c) kev.

    I aint seent him since.

    Bullet point ether. It’s whats new.

  5. TruthSerum Says:

    @The Abstinent Lil’ Freak

    ….So….. Your NOT denying working at Del Taco, then!? Damn, my analysis of ya shit stain of an attempt at life…. Was spot the fuck on, then, right!? Yo, GROUPIE, I need two tacos del carbon and one 1/2 lb bean and cheese burrito….ummm what else, oh yeah lemme get them crinkle cut fries I like, nigga…. How much? Stay on ya job, GROUPIE…. keep on typing ABOUT ME!


  6. the absence of heat Says:

    this nigga poon vernim should be just about finished typing up that paragraph of “either”.

    until he addresses the groupie stalking charges, or at least try to justify it… He will remain in the fucknigga corner of life.

  7. ilovemia305 Says:

    I laugh at these niggas who think they since you comment on certain times, you must have nothing going on…Does your life suck that bad that you think if the next person comments at certain times, they life must suck..so limited your way of thinking is I tell ya

  8. the absence of heat Says:

    lmao, bitch niggas aint to hard to figure out…

  9. tHe KiD fRanKiE Says:

    the number 1 fuckboi attribute is stalking and dick hopping… and you do both. Nigga can’t possibly have a girl, she would never stand for that type man stalking man fuckery.

    ^brandon swag
    Bitch nigga been searched my twitter tryna figure out my gov x all

  10. the absence of heat Says:

    jokes aside, ya shit getting weaker and weaker, you may wanna fall back. Do what you do best. Type stories dedicated to dudes, lurk and wait for responses. This back n forth shit aint for you… ATLEAST !!!! you’re NOT!!!! laughing at YOUR own JOKES!!! anymore… lol !!!


  11. the absence of heat Says:

    shouts out to fuckniggas who type BBM style !!! and pop gum like school girls.

  12. Yasser Pair-a-gats Says:

    the absence of heat Says:

    November 23rd, 2011 at 1:49 pm
    I cool w/open relationships…

    ^ cuckold swag.


    I can’t lie yo niccas is absolutely hilarious around here. LOLOL

  13. P.W. Says:

    When I was growin up, I said; I hope one day I get to hear a honky from Alabama rap.

    I wish life knew I was being sarcastic.

  14. sarjo1988 Says:

    and back from lunch….

    wut do i see…

    nothing has changed lol

  15. big545 Says:

    You niggas so sensitive….

  16. TruthSerum Says:

    Nigga YOU MAD…. ol’ I gotta work the double shift at Del Taco, while ey’body else got the day off ass nigga….lol! So lemme get this straight u sticking up for Count Cockular of Penisvania, huh?….. PhisoD is that you….? You in the zitsquad or sumthin, cuz I dont listen to that crap, so which member are you? Oh, I get it…. You’re their GROUPIE….. see, dimwit YOU make this extremely TOO EASY! honestly you’re DULL, BORING, UNINTERESTING…. I’d rather be shitting on ShitBrain and PhisoD the Penn State Penis Prowler….hahahaha, see I enjoy that shit… This, tho is no fun…. Dude your an attention whore slandering my name for e-fame w/ no real concrete reason other than a groupie fascination w/ my sense of humor and a lack of family and friends….. But it’s all goody, tho as long as I upset you enuff to where you go home after cleaning out the urinals at Del Taco, and beat the shit outta ya wife becuz of me, ha…. Now that’ll be funny…. Nigga catch a domestic abuse case off a commenting on Nahright, lol!


  17. the absence of heat Says:

    Nigga YOU MAD…. ol’ I gotta work the double shift at Del Taco

    ^ “either” I gun in you mouf and this is all you can come up with.

    still skirting the issue tho I see. FACT you stalked another mans life. I can’t take a nigga like you serious… Hoe shit. Keep writing your paragraphs, that wont take away from the fact that I will glady shit on your dead, and piss in your mothers mouth. Hop off flunky what you lack in intelligence you more than make up for in fuckroachness.


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