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Video: Wale Brings Out Big Sean In San Francisco

In San Francisco, Wale and Big Sean perform their ‘Slight Work’ joint and then Big Sean goes into his newest single ‘Dance (A$$)’.

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8 Responses to “Video: Wale Brings Out Big Sean In San Francisco”

  1. b Says:


  2. Jackson7 Says:

    Wale Brings Out Big Sean In San Francisco



    i bet he did

  3. big545 Says:

    Thuggin EP >

  4. big545 Says:

    Freddie Gibbs x Madlib- Deep >>>>>>>>

  5. TruthSerum Says:

    Nigga YOU MAD…. ol’ I gotta work the double shift at Del Taco, while ey’body else got the day off ass nigga….lol! So lemme get this straight u sticking up for Count Cockular of Penisvania, huh?….. PhisoD is that you….? You in the zitsquad or sumthin, cuz I dont listen to that crap, so which member are you? Oh, I get it…. You’re their GROUPIE….. see, dimwit YOU make this extremely TOO EASY! honestly you’re DULL, BORING, UNINTERESTING…. I’d rather be shitting on ShitBrain and PhisoD the Penn State Penis Prowler….hahahaha, see I enjoy that shit… This, tho is no fun…. Dude your an attention whore slandering my name for e-fame w/ no real concrete reason other than a groupie fascination w/ my sense of humor and a lack of family and friends….. But it’s all goody, tho as long as I upset you enuff to where you go home after cleaning out the urinals at Del Taco, and beat the shit outta ya wife becuz of me, ha…. Now that’ll be funny…. Nigga catch a domestic abuse case off a commenting on Nahright, lol!


  6. big545 Says:

    why everyone shooting tho?

  7. plug Says:

    lol @ nobody kowing who big sean was in the D before he blew up

    somebody said he’s been flagged

  8. plug Says:

    and lol @ everybody lettin loose and nobody gettin hit

    *continues to listen to classic Howard Stern interviews*

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