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Video: Common – Sweet

Common releases the video for ‘Sweet’ to support the J/P Haitian Relief Organization. Donate $1 here and help out.

Previously: Common – The Dreamer, The Believer (Track List)

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7 Responses to “Video: Common – Sweet”

  1. SPITGAME Says:

    @Cooch Serum


    How you Truth Serum but lyin about listenin to our track you flippin my lines and all that faggot u BEEN a fan

    How you TruthSerum lyin tellin niggas I’m 35 when I’m 26 and I don’t give a FUCK

    How you Truth Serum but lyin about havin music on rotation when the public library don’t let you download on the PC you typing these long winded hatin ass dissertations from when you supposed to be lookin for some steady employment knowing your granma don’t allow none a that shit in her house no way…. That Cricket you typing all late at night on bein a hater ain’t capable of holdin them files either you got LORD NAH in rotation an that’s all hater….

    Ima let you finish fuck I look like addressin a nigga hatin on another nigga from a comment box

  2. mcb Says:


    dont bother

    the public library closed, so hes off the internet til at least tomorrow morning.

    that if he can use his bus transfer again

  3. TruthSerum Says:


    …. Aww man you’s a fucking key styler, my g!? These loser ass niggaz…. Yo, I ain’t heard the… (laughs hysterically) “lord nah” cheapstyle y’all fucked up…. Is it dope? I mean, my apologies, but I been listening to the REAL Lord Knows w/ Dradle Drizzy and Rosay… That shit goes hard!!! 2Chainz, Gangsta Gibbs, and that ASAP Rocky been in rotation, so I haven’t had a chance to listen to sum ShitBrain ass niggaz crappy crapping. Nahright, where pussies run around Harlem swinging katana blades at homeless transients…. Then say they snitched on they OWNSELF… now gotta go n’ do a bid up in Rikers…. But don’t worry they still got time to comment on the latest Drake post…. GTFOH, u faggot ass liar…. If niggaz ain’t the Last Samurai of Harlem they 35 and trying to start rapping… The fuck…? U niggaz are certified Fuck Bwois… Shits been verified and stamped on ya forehead for yall bitchass children to observe and fear…. Yes, I’m looking at you ShitBrain…. PhisoD…. And The pussy who likes to play w/ swords… Pause!!!!! But hey, I ain’t lying, check the comments…. Anyways, nobody cares about y’all music contributions…. Leave the rapping to the pros and just be content being a fan….. NONE of u niggaz wouldn’t be allowed in any street corner cypher circa 1996-2001 w/ them candy bars… U playing w/ this shit and just taking up space. None of u niggaz could quit your dayjobs and just rely on music to support yourselves…. Real talk, what’s the most chavo u got from this shit…. What? Enuff to cop a pack of beedies and a loosie….. C’mon son, this shit ain’t for u, bruh!


    PS: how a nigga playing live action Ninja Gaiden in the hood… “Supposedly” went to Rikers for assaulting NOBODY…. WTF!? and niggaz accept this fuck nigga back like he’s a credible source of info…. Nah, homie… 1st off… You a PUSSY and a COWARD…. 2nd FUCK ALIYAH, dame turned that bitch out b4 she passed u fuck nigga….3rd you a LIAR, dog…. Straight up, fucking liar looking for recognition from an online comment section…. Homie, you NEVER was in the music industry, so quit w/ them bogus stories… This nigga think cuz he handed out flyers for The Roc in the Tunnel back in 97 that that qualifies him as an industry insider… Fuck nigga you were paid in a chocolate Thai blunt and backwash from a St. Ides 40….. These bitchass niggaz, b!!

  4. P.W. Says:

    True,Common snapped on this, But really this track does more for him than it does for hip-hop. He always comes out of the blue with some hard shit,After wearing some soft ass beanie. Also hes an actor nowadays…

  5. SPITGAME Says:

    Nah its MetroPCS time but… *yawn* anyway, you got it Cooch… Stan Harder

  6. P.W. Says:

    You got to be old enough to know, if youre answering to a “mask”, your always gonna lose. You swinging at the wind.

    Truthserum is winning by this alone.

  7. TruthSerum Says:

    @ShitBrain & Count Cockular

    Is you stupid or dumb… Which one moron!? You JUST addressed the nigga who’s hatin on u from a comment box u permanent Dunce Cap wearer…. Go sit in the corner somewhere, fucktard! U dickmobb boys and your cock counting…. Whoa! Major pause on y’all niggaz bars forreal…. Shit sounded type gay… so I addressed it. So your 26 and decided spamming hulkshare links was the way to get noticed…. Gotcha! Fucking recession got u niggaz confused and distraught. Ayo, bitch…. When is the next time y’all are performing live…. Do y’all lame ass niggaz even have a booking agent or active publicist? Just asking… Cuz spamming the c-section seems to be the highlight of ya musical career…. If so, then u deserve all the ether I send your way… There’s niggaz out chea busting they fucking ass trying to give the masses the most polished product possible in hopes of being apart of HipHops evolution…. Not y’all niggaz tho… Just a bunch of shermed out dust heads playing around with this shit… Like my lil’ 17 yr old nigga be breaking night traveling to open mics just to be heard, networking with promoters and Djs trying to get them to take his music serious…. But you fuck niggaz is too lazy to do that and y’all ages range from 26-45….SMH! Aye u should listen to the c-section and switch ya shit to The Kid ShitBrain aka KSB….niggaz’ll fuck wit ya shit then, homie! Ya album cover could have you brushing ya teeth w/ shit on ya toothbrush…. Call the album “Lyrical Manure” cuz u shitting on the rest of the comp, juu heard!? Fuck ya life, homie…. Where Harlem American Ninja at…. Fuck nigga chasing niggaz down Lenox ave. Looking like a black Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles….. U just ooze pussiness, chump…take that samurai sword and fucking one ya self u smut ass hoe!


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