Video: Yelawolf – Tim Westwood Freestyle

Yela drops a freestyle for Tim Westwood while out in the UK.

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12 Responses to “Video: Yelawolf – Tim Westwood Freestyle”

  1. C. Dufflebags Says:

    they gon love me for my ambition… (hughhh)


  2. mcb Says:


  3. P.W. Says:

    >>> Commenting before refreshing and being two post behind.

  4. the absence of heat Says:

    hella souped >>>

  5. Hoskins Says:

    Timmy Westwood >>>>

  6. sarjo1988 Says:

    cambells soup>>>>>>>>

  7. the absence of heat Says:


    the gloves come off.

  8. the absence of heat Says:

    yellow suit >>>

  9. the absence of heat Says:

    this freestyle is god awful.

  10. the absence of heat Says:


    amber rose… granted a 3 month peen sobriety

  11. SPITGAME Says:

    Clifford The Big Red Dog>>>

  12. kevfresco Says:

    b is only an ill etherist of himself.
    you can’t be rockin tank tops & ben vereen capris with mantan tap shoes at the job, writing keystyles & recording rhymes with ya phone to youtube instrumentals holding the pc speaker to ya other ear & think you really be bodying mahfuckas.

    that nigger whas on the look out for do dirt & pooh!

    if this ether was real life he’d be a crip walking biohazard, b.

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