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Knocturnal Ft Noah Jones, Willy Northpole & I-20 – Dont Know By Now

Knoc is putting the finishing touches on his new album The Book of Knoc.

Download: Link

Produced by J-Beam.

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13 Responses to “Knocturnal Ft Noah Jones, Willy Northpole & I-20 – Dont Know By Now”

  1. e aka mac with the cheese Says:

    No way any of these bums have enough for payola

  2. D_Block_4_life Says:

    @ Troy

    Similar sentiments. A little too much singing, but i think its really dope. Som real bangers on there

  3. tHe KiD fRanKiE Says:

    A chick
    Checkout : palace, bass, purple swag, and peso also wussup those were my favs

  4. kevfresco Says:

    cosign getting mid twenty year ol breezies attention while parked up blasting take care.

    this album goes in.

  5. e aka mac with the cheese Says:

    18 year old seniors >>>>

    Cosine prom queens

  6. kevfresco Says:

    oh shit!

    knoc still be drake’n it up?

  7. sarjo1988 Says:

    Coffee Milk expiration date 11/8/2011

    FOH you corny motherfucker and shame on niggas for gassing him….

    Jackson7 put the battery in his back when it was clearly better suited in his dildo
    dildo this, ass hangin out like a dogs tongue that, stretch mark around the lips??? im dumb founded at the gay knowledge u exude, i cant say much

    ill let you to continue to type out ur gay fantasies for the masses to see

  8. Black Brokaw Says:

    Late Registration > take care

  9. Plug Says:

    drake is an OK artist. but his cd’s be dookie to me

    he’ll have like 2 songs that will be bonkers

    but the other 15 or so be crapola

    this is the second time he did this

    I cant deal with all this nasal singing he does

    thats cool for the radio

    for the tape deck?


  10. Jackson7 Says:

    son of joseph & mary rap

  11. kevfresco Says:

    ”shout out to asian women, let the lights dim sum!”

  12. Plug Says:

    yall can have this drake crap

    *puts back in Fat Joe’s darkside*

  13. Jersey*made*me Says:

    I dont think i’ve ever heard somebody say a rap album had too much….singing

    Is that shit rap or R&B?

    Just cuz you hang with rappers and rap on your album dont make it a rap album if you sing the majority of the songs.


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