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Mary J. Blige ft. Drake – Mr. Wrong

Brand new Mary and Drake courtesy of Angie Mar.

Previously: Drake Covers The Source (November)

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12 Responses to “Mary J. Blige ft. Drake – Mr. Wrong”

  1. Yasser Pair-a-gats Says:

    Mary J could get it.

  2. Beezy Says:

    ^ im no attorney, but me thinks this leaves the door open for future civil action by plaintiff.

    >>at which point Big Sean’s attorney will say that he plead guilty to a negligible charge law enforcement thought warranted a $750 fine at max

    they won’t award that chick shit

  3. Beezy Says:

    I mean, I don’t know all the facts so its hard to comment entirely

    but the fact that law enforcement didn’t find the most serious charges worthy of pursuing, would be good ammo for BS to deflect anything the woman would claim in court

  4. ilovemia305 Says:

    Speaking too soon has lead to many downfalls

    Mr. Wrong guy to sleep on

    $WonDough$ >>>>>

  5. Albert Findsdimes Says:

    There’s a certain age where you stop making music…

  6. cOLD Says:

    Sharpton on Donahue in defense of Tawana Brawly

    “the fact that we have 500 black people in this room and every one of us has a different complexion proves that white rape is a reality in the United States”

    ^ what they call this kinda ether.

  7. ilovemia305 Says:

    U fuck not wife up a skeeza…Smoking on Willie Nelson Reefa

  8. Remixznflow Says:


  9. Jersey*made*me Says:

    Damn Wondough I keep telling you you promoting the wrong thing.

    You should get behind some actual talent and push them.

    Cause if I didnt know no better I would think you had some major shit in stores soon…

  10. Jersey*made*me Says:

    ^ what they call this kinda ether.


    good question….

  11. cOLD Says:

    I’d like to give Anne Coulter the high hard one. Raw.

  12. ilovemia305 Says:

    Fuck outta here Jerz Aint no one promoting shit just having fun and dropping messages

    so Mind your business….

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