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Red Cafe ft. Diddy – Let It Go

New record from the Bad Boy camp with Red Cafe and Diddy.

Download: Link

Bombs by Flex.

Previously: Red Cafe ft. Ryan Leslie & Rick Ross – Fly Together (Video)

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One Response to “Red Cafe ft. Diddy – Let It Go”

  1. TruthSerum Says:

    jderrida Says:
    October 25th, 2011 at 6:37 pm

    You ain’t rich nigga.

    No philosopher is. Especially not a psuedo-philosopher.


    *Reads this while getting head from Rosa Acosta type chick*

    *Other tab on my web browser is on Gucci(dot)com*

    Ok nahgga you know everythang


    Niggas is Truth Serum’s, b.


    This post in ALL essence is why I go in on your sad and pathetic attempt at LIFE! First of all, w/out a screen shot of the bitches scalp I DON’T BELIEVE YOU…. nigga, you don’t get NO types of acts of fellatio performed on yo’ fat nasty ass body, thunny!! Lol… This bold faced LIAR, gon lie and say he getting head, checking Gucci & peep this yo….. The nigga is SO GREAT at multitasking that he can comment on Nahright at the same time….. Stop lying, nigga… U prolly getting a handjob from a 13 year old Dominican boy named Flaco dressed in drag….. Looking at Gucci…. GTFOH, how about window shopping at Payless, nigga….. YOU ARE POOR THAT IS A FACT….. NOTHING YOU HAVE EVER DONE HAS GARNERED ANY RECOGNITION MUCH LESS SUCCESS…… YOU MY FRIEND ARE A CERTIFIED AND VERFIED FAILURE AT LIFE… Cho-Mo ass nigga… Talk about those kids innocence that you stole to satisfy your evil and impure desires….. You a fuck nigga and I worry for the well being of your impoverished children because they are victims in your malicious cycle of abuse…… Get sum help, Cho-Mo!

    Truth Hurts Bitch!!!

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