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Video: ASAP Rocky – Live @ Fader Fort

BlowHipHopTV captures footage of ASAP Rocky performing at the Fader Fort event.

Previously: araabMuzik & ASAP Rocky In The Studio (Video)

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4 Responses to “Video: ASAP Rocky – Live @ Fader Fort”

  1. I got that Courtney Love for ya' Says:

    What happened to the ignore pig-pen movement?????

    Danmn y’all, it was going so well.

  2. kevfresco Says:

    “fun” is me & him having the time, resources and freedom to do whatever we wanna do, on most ANY day..

    > lmaooo!


    like how do you even explain that to a child that was doing his own thing while you peruse a comment section?

    cuz it’s not like you both were reading it & both thought:

    ‘hey! lets have arts & craft time & prove to de la swole that we have fun together!”

    what parent does that!?

    oh…crackhead ones.

  3. Jackson7 Says:

    i know what this is about tho..

    one man shows pictures of his child, and everyone says, “OHHH Rashid… he’s so cuuuuute… he looks just like you…. whats his name?…”

    another man shows pictures of his child, and everyone says,, “awwwww… OMFG, what happened?… how long has she been like that?… your medical and research bills must be sooo expensive… do you need any public assistance hotlines to help you with that?…”

    i can see why kevin would is so upset right now..

    its a frustrating time for him and his daughter

    btw: idiot…

    it takes like 5 seconds to take a picture…

  4. b Says:

    I think Ima retire from nahright too, dont bother with retiring my jersey # 7 let somebody else rock

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