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Nickelus F – Leave It All Behind

Features Davanci Sistare on the saxophone & additional from Andre Dobbins.

Download: Link

Previously: Nickelus F – Sin

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One Response to “Nickelus F – Leave It All Behind”

  1. Samir Says:

    L.A. producer Exile made his name on collaborative albums with underground rappers Fashawn and Blu, and experimental instrumental records like 2009’s Radio. In a recent interview with Exclaim, the beatmaker revealed that he and Blu have completed the follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2007 album Below the Heavens.

    Exile is happy about the album but says he “still wants to do another three new songs for it” before it’s ready for release. Exile is also hard at work on a new Emanon album, the duo composed of the producer and now-singer Aloe Blacc.

    “Aloe’s rapping again,” Exile promises. “It’s definitely a little darker, a little more mature than the last record [2005’s The Waiting Room].”

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