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Video: Exile – 4TRK Mind Commercial #2

Commercial #2 for Exile’s rap debut, 4TRK Mind, which is out right now.

And if you haven’t heard Exile spit yet, check out “Klepto” below.

Download: Link

Previously: Exile – 4TRK Mind Commercial #1

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18 Responses to “Video: Exile – 4TRK Mind Commercial #2”

  1. kevfresco Says:

    here one pussy hurt owl tryna denounce ether…maybe cuz his 8 ball is all soda…

    & an impotent body building doofus who once said he don’t respect taking shots at my lil girl…going back on his words.

    ho nigga…you go harder at that horse bitch that comments here than bitches you do in real life!

    then wanna ask eskay about his bitch i fuct thru commenting?

    da fuck you gonna tell me?


  2. Jackson7 Says:

    “kLepto” is wack tho…

    ive heard exile rhyme better than that…

    and the beat is cornball

    Exile tho >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  3. C. Dufflebags Says:

    no need to bring peoples children in to the c-section


  4. Beezy Says:

    Go tend to your business.

    Go tend to your family who needs you.

    Stop logging on here.

    It’s time to grow up.

  5. Jackson7 Says:

    like seriously you got a special needs kid and you let shim (can’t tell what gender that shit was)


    “its a war going on outside no child is safe from” (c) Brett Favre

  6. big_seth Says:

    Beezy Says:
    October 12th, 2011 at 4:56 pm
    I think Kev actually has started to believe all of his lies … that’s what worries me the most.

    I’m most worried he gon show up at my door over you niggas popping shit

  7. Jersey*made*me Says:

    Pig Pinata

    Fuck you and your whole existence nigga. Aunt Jocelyn took you and your seed to a Celtics game and I dont know who dribbled more,her or Stephon Marbury.

    Throw shorty a piece of bread off one of auntie rib sammiches to soak up some of that moisture.

  8. why? Says:

    why? Says:
    October 12th, 2011 at 5:03 pm



    oh and NSFW..

  9. Jackson7 Says:

    cosign group intervention to get kevin to grow the fuck up and stop lying online all day…

    literally and figuratively

  10. b Says:

    C. Dufflebags Says:
    October 12th, 2011 at 5:01 pm
    no need to bring peoples children in to the c-section


    ^ship been sailed.

  11. kevfresco Says:

    Stop logging on here.

    > like ima listen to a pedophile.

    you only saying this now but as usual…ya gay ass will miss me & beg for my return.

    i heart hurting pussies.

  12. Jackson7 Says:

    big_seth Says:

    I’m most worried he gon show up at my door over you niggas popping shit


    as long as he bring that 40 dollars, you good…

    dont worry about him showing up in Texas tho… that brokeass nigga cant afford Texas Toast

  13. Samir Says:

    Exile f. Blu – You’re Gonna Die >>>>>

    Some of his best rapping. Song is real soulful too.

  14. sealsaa Says:


    The fuck…

  15. EnglandRepresent Says:

    The good people of Nah are jus trying to help Kev. Your ego will be the death of you son.

  16. Jackson7 Says:

    sealsaa Says:

    October 12th, 2011 at 5:07 pm

    The fuck…


    id smash… EARLY…

  17. kevfresco Says:

    Fuck you and your whole existence nigga

    >i would say fuck yours but look around where you reside.

    you BEEN fuct!

    what you gonna do next?

    get mad cuz i called you the rightful ho you is an come see me like you threatened others on here?

    what a fuckin clown.

    you need more creatin

  18. EnglandRepresent Says:

    If I were Seth I’d be sayin that 40 gone up to 80 and payment is required immediately. If you ain’t getting your wonga then Kevin is mugging you off.

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