Neako ft. Wiz Khalifa – Scanners

Neako gets the Taylor Gang capo on the last leak from The Number 23, dropping October 3rd.

Download: Link

Produced by Cash Hits & Neako.

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14 Responses to “Neako ft. Wiz Khalifa – Scanners”

  1. Beezy Says:

    who was that in the picture with 50? Deepak Chopra?

  2. Beezy Says:

    I don’t trust Indian niggas

    no shots at Pockets (RIP)

  3. D_Block_4_life Says:

    holy shit was that 50 song trash…

  4. SPITGAME Says:

    *immediately downloads Juicy J me*

    I’m thinkin Sonny Digital over Tone P for “BOW”

  5. Marv Says:

    Deepak Chopra?


    Looks like him…

  6. cOLD Says:

    holy shit was that 50 song trash…

    ^ but the 50 stans will find a way to say it was dope… smh. Even 50 all but admitted his fall from grace.

  7. cOLD Says:

    pockets was as much indian as remix is mexican.

  8. S.I.C.K Says:

    One of the reasons muslims wear beards is because to be clean shaven back then was a faggot trait.The sultans used to have young nude boys dancing around and shit just like the Romans did.Look it up if you think I`m bullshittin.Homosexuality and wealth goes hand in hand like a rite of passage.

  9. tHe KiD fRanKiE Says:

    Juicy J-me >>>>>>>>

  10. Beezy Says:

    Homosexuality and wealth goes hand in hand

    ^stop giving Jersey cover for his homelessness

  11. Troyvul Says:

    Sonny Digital >

  12. Troyvul Says:

    Sonny Digital created one of the greatest songs known today.

    Racks on Racks on Racks

  13. why? Says:

    LF: SMH at John Singleton for wanting to make a biopic on N.W.A. All they did was rap about the streets, get old white people scared, and break up because of money problems. Only Cube and Eazy have interesting life stories. Everybody knows what happened to Dre and the other dudes aren’t a big deal.

  14. S.I.C.K Says:

    Beezy= the elitist thinking etherist.Economic ether is quite potent when the shit said is true.It`s like the boy rocking Pro Wings on the first day of school.Beezy was there to point that fact

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