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Curtis – The Enforcer

From the soundtrack to that new Hugh Jackman movie, Real Steel.

Download: Link

Produced by The Cataracs.

Previously: Curtis’ Playground Book Cover

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28 Responses to “Curtis – The Enforcer”

  1. Beezy Says:

    where’s that LOVE.HATE.LOVE nate?

  2. rex hussla Says:

    NEW YORK — Fans at Citi Field got to see very little of free-agent-to-be Jose Reyes on perhaps his final day as a Met.

    Reyes, in the lead for the National League batting crown, delivered a bunt single to lead off the bottom of the first inning and was pulled by New York Mets manager Terry Collins. Some fans booed after realizing Collins had sent Justin Turner to pinch-run for Reyes.

    The decision to pull Reyes comes on the 70th anniversary of Ted Williams deciding to play in a doubleheader on the final day of the regular season in 1941 even though his .39955 average would have been rounded up to .400.

    “If I’m going to be a .400 hitter, I’m going to be a .400 hitter all the way,” Williams was quoted as saying at the time.

    Williams went 6-for-8 in the twin bill to up his average to .406.


  3. Beezy Says:

    that Real Steel shit looks like the worst movie in cinematic history

  4. why? Says:

    Why Curtis trying to look like DL Hugley though…

  5. rex hussla Says:

    *dead* at that Bucky Larson: Born to Be A Star getting a 0% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes….I’ve never even seen a 0%

    That being said, this Hugh Jackman looks like the stupidest piece of shit ever created. Dude is a professional Rock ‘Em Sock ’Em Robot player?!?!?!!! I saw the previews to this a month or 2 back and couldn’t believe it. The whole theatre just laughed out loud.

  6. S.I.C.K Says:

    Freeway Presents: The 10 Greatest Beards In Hip-Hop
    shit is getting mad gay now.First of all that beard movement is wack.Now we measuring and glorifying facial hair?

  7. Marv Says:

    Pause that pic though. o_0…..

  8. Beezy Says:

    Hugh Jackman should pistol-whip his agent for bringing him this piece of shit script

  9. Beezy Says:

    First of all that beard movement is wack.

    ^Damn, SICK blatantly respecting Islam …

  10. Beezy Says:


  11. rex hussla Says:

    50 keeps working with these Cataracs producers. He’s trying to get that Euro techno electro hit popping…Still won’t happen.

    I remember when there was a time where, if Master P, Benzino or Diddy jumped on a trend, that’s when it was officially dead. 50 might be the new barometer for that.

  12. mel kiper III Says:

    Betances starting tonight..

    lol my boy hit a long double off son that hit the CF wall in HS and will never ever let niggas forget about it. EVER

  13. SPITGAME Says:

    WSHH version of Bait>>>

    Im off today I’m safe lol

    *heads on over to YouTube*

  14. Beezy Says:

    wow, that picture of DJ Drama is beyond homo

    that kizza a fag … no two ways about that

  15. mel kiper III Says:

    lol @ ryan braun and matt kemp

    yall mad?

  16. rex hussla Says:

    Seriously though, how’d a movie like this even get made though Beezy? Shit is ridiculous.

  17. b Says:

    S.I.C.K Says:
    September 28th, 2011 at 3:34 pm
    Freeway Presents: The 10 Greatest Beards In Hip-Hop
    shit is getting mad gay now.First of all that beard movement is wack.Now we measuring and glorifying facial hair?

    ^no sign, my beard be looking immacualte when I grow it, co workers be complimenting and asking why I cut it.I like the fact that I can pull of the clean shaven look and the suge knight look

  18. why? Says:

    Real Steel looks like it has a good enough budget to have decent writers. Will probably be better than that piece of shit wolverine movie.

  19. mel kiper III Says:

    curtis got that madden ‘create a player’ fro.

    josh freeman steez

  20. b Says:


  21. Remixznflow Says:




    is THIS


  22. Beezy Says:

    Real Steel is actually based off a book … some SyFy piece of shit

    if you read that, you REALLY are a fucking loser

  23. cOLD Says:

    Real Steel

    ^ just watched the trailer and I gotta agree with beezy, movie looks all sorts of wack. But I didnt see no 50 cameo either.

  24. Remixznflow Says:

    LMAOOOOO!!!! GOBBAGE… you hear me? the juice at the bottom of the dumpster…

    jihad gon’ defend this?

    should be interesting.

  25. mel kiper III Says:

    hugh jackman got a couple joints tho

    Deception >>>

    The Prestige >>>>>>>>>>>

  26. cOLD Says:

    50 looks really uncomfortable with that guy holding him sto tightly.

  27. koa29 Says:

    A song like this won’t get no love on nah, but i bet it’ll be in the clubs.

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