Uncle Murda ft. French Montana – Shut Up

Download: Link

Props: Fred Bear

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2 Responses to “Uncle Murda ft. French Montana – Shut Up”

  1. louisdadon Says:

    Just listened to Cole World: The sideline story and it is a real good album. Not going to say its a classic and no one should dare even put it in the same sentence as illmatic. But overall, great production, great lyrics, most of all you can tell cole put his heart in it.

    breakdown, nobody’s perfect, rise and shine >>>>>>>

  2. Yasser Pair-a-gats Says:

    This nicca Ray J is hilarious.

    Truly, truly hilarious.

    I mean c’mon man.

    This Tupac shit is depressing.

    Doggie, you’re “Brandi’s brother” – you will never be Pac.

    Niccas be having aspirations and ambitions that exceed their abilities.

    This nicca is a super duper clown.

    Plus he was mixing up his lingo…saying he “all the way turnt up”…which one is it, Brandi’s brother? Are you from the A or from LA?

    Niccas that ain’t hood always be mixing their lingos…NY one second and Alabama the next…nobody believes this reality show loser.

    I will say one thing though – I’m pretty sure Fab got smacked in the face.

    Otherwise why would he lose his glasses.

    Only explanation is that Ray J caught him one time.

    But that don’t make Ray J some kind of gangster – he need way more people.

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