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Video: Jay-Z @ The Jets/Cowboys Game

Jay does a quick sideline interview with Eric Allen from the Jets/Cowboys season opener this past Sunday, which was also of course the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Jay talks briefly about his memories of that day, NY picking itself up and dusting it self off and more.

Spotted: Jay’s best friend D-Dot

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54 Responses to “Video: Jay-Z @ The Jets/Cowboys Game”

  1. Harlem world Says:

    The 10 Worst Nas Songs

    Complex >>>>

    Niccas need to understand Complex own this blog shit..

    They do these lists solely to piss people off..spark debate & controversy..

    I respect that..

  2. baby jesus Says:

    HOV >

  3. kevfrescura de talco Says:


    To: kevfresco

    Sep 14

    Show details


    I just accidentally sent a text to my office husband that I need dick…or rather I need kev dick…

    and he replied with Kev is a lucky guy! I am hiding the whole day…I hate the iphone btw

    > oh nah…i’ont fuck around.

    let these clowns know eskay.

  4. baby jesus Says:

    even the camel know what it is

    not that other ny team

  5. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    lol at iPHONEs faulty auto correct!

    i’ll teach y’all how to shtunt tho!

  6. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    ight haters & herbs…


  7. Harlem world Says:

    You Owe Me = classic..vintage

    the ladies love it

    so did beyonce…

  8. stot Says:

    The 10 Worst Nas Songs

    Nas f/ Ginuwine “You Owe Me” (1999)




    1. Nas “Who Killed It?” (2006)


    co-sign… this shit fucking sucks… had me feelin all weird n shit.. creeped out n shit…

  9. baby jesus Says:


    you need to up a screenshot or a better picture than that

    if this is all youve got, you lost

  10. Beezy Says:

    kev post a closer pic of eskays joint

    that shit from like 2 miles away

  11. rex hussla Says:

    wait…so there’s blog groupies? and then there are commentors who want shine by getting at blog groupies? this slore was supposed to have a nah tat too? good grief…I’m almost feeling retarded for being around this shit.

  12. Beezy Says:

    word, kev posting that ol’ bullshit

  13. cOLD Says:

    esk must’ve did that broad dirty… she mad scorned…lol.

    but kev… you gotta have a better pic than that.

  14. E aka Mac with the Cheese Says:

    Jets >>>

  15. Beezy Says:

    that joint “Yerdanos” that Kev just bragging about MUST be some nah right groupie lol

    check out this twitter shit of Billz getting at her

    Kev love these blog trolls … yerdanos, CiCi, etc …


  16. stot Says:

    if i don’t see no titties… i don’t respect it…

  17. rex hussla Says:

    Damn…haven’t shuffled my Cudi playlist in a while

    Cudi Zone >>>
    The End >>>
    Pursuit of Happiness >>>

  18. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    i do fRIO…

    but you know…thas what she asked me to drop.

    all the nekkid ones with all her lil tattoos are for my archives til further notice.

    *jeezy laughs*

  19. cOLD Says:

    eskay: get a nah tat, and i’ll give you a shout out on the blog

    dumb ho: really!..wow ashmi you’d do that?

    eskay: *chuckles* yea ho.

  20. Harlem world Says:

    I couldn’t even make out her race, let alone see her face.

  21. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    yea billz did try to knock that too!

    wow…almost forgot. lol.

  22. cOLD Says:

    from that pic, she look decent… can’t front.

  23. Harlem world Says:

    The End >>>


    The End >>>>

  24. Marv Says:

    Jay-Z is really ugly, though, no homo, shit my nigga….

    It’s not even his lips and his nose, it’s the whole formation of his face…..

    Hov still that nigga, though, I just point out true shit….

  25. E aka Mac with the Cheese Says:

    pimpin ain’t dead it just moved to the web(c)Chad “atlanta isn’t in the south” Butler

  26. cOLD Says:

    yea billz did try to knock that too

    ^ say word, billz had a thing for them tree huggers.

  27. chris brown Says:

    >>The 10 Worst Nas Songs

    Complex dropping this on his birthday? thas some Camel suckin’ right there

  28. Harlem world Says:

    Kev, you got more ammo than that, I know it, you are the Israel of Nah.

    Bring them nukes out playa, bring them Shabab missiles…

    link her photos…

  29. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    from that pic, she look decent… can’t front.

    > man listen…

    fighting. pussy.

    & she’s paid.

    she jus bored with NYC niggas.

    so you know…

    a bostonian had to take care uh that!

  30. Beezy Says:

    I can’t really get these twitpics to open right at work


    how she look?

  31. stot Says:

    thas like an 80% drop in second week sales for carter 4…?

    somethin ain’t right…

  32. Beezy Says:


    ^anyone co-signing her ?

  33. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    i know its TD all day HW..

    but i follow a code.

    i wouldn’t have done this at all if she ain get at me so hard about it.

  34. stot Says:

    we don’t belee you kev…

    you need more ppl…

  35. stot Says:

    # Beezy Says:
    September 14th, 2011 at 3:51 pm


    ^anyone co-signing her ?


    she looks like a butch fuckin lesbian…

    nevermind, kev… we belee you…

  36. Harlem world Says:

    im gettin a ..portuguese…mozambique…angolan vibe from her photos, correct?

  37. Beezy Says:

    she mad desperate for love … commenting on relationship blogs lol:


    Im actually the 1 that wrote this question or rather asked for your advice. Let me explain that I “just” didnt end it. It ended for me probably in year 5 but as woman I hoped that he would come to his senses but that never happened so I decided to make that change for myself.. now in the midst of this someone from my past found me…HS boyfriend and I put myself in a situation I shouldnt have but anyway…. I think your advice is on point with the exception of maybe putting in too much into me time and then forgetting how to relate to people again. Thats why I asked where do I start as I kept my mind on work and finding what I like and dont like …anyway i took your advice and joined a site…LMAO and its Black Planet..I kid you not!! LOL. I figure I gotta work my way up but Hot damn I didnt know i was starting in the gutter…


  38. stot Says:

    i wouldn’t even conversate with this faggot bitch yerdanos… she look like she got shocked with 1000 volts…

  39. horsechoker Says:

    Yo god she look kinda TRANquil from here.

    *Looks at kev’s team show and prove id*
    *Nods head “No”*
    *Entry denied*

  40. Harlem world Says:

    my bad, she’s eritrean

    close enough!

  41. Beezy Says:

    she def in the gutter if she fucking around with Kev

  42. S.I.C.K Says:

    The bitch seems type dumb tho.At the end of the day both niggas smashed without wifing up.Well played by esk AND kev.

    Hoes=Trading Cards

    Nothing more sad to see than a dumb bitch.

  43. stot Says:

    kev… you just took another L… you banged a psycho-lookin lesbian broad AFTER she banged esk… how does esk’s dick taste, kev? (II)… MY GOD… dis FUCKNIGGER’s literally a LIVING, BREATHING L… whoa


  44. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    oh shit!

    she talking about eskay on that blog.


  45. rex hussla Says:

    whoever this broad is…she must be batshit crazy

  46. baby jesus Says:

    if i don’t see no titties… i don’t respect it…


  47. Beezy Says:

    this date was definitely with Kev:


    OK. Went on the date…Ummm I knew looking at his pictures in BP that he wasnt really my type but Im tryin to be open minded and you know what he still didnt do it for me in person. Date was cool, conversation was flowin but more on my part as I knew it wasnt going nowhere. He has a job.. a hard job at that..Hes a prison guard…I was really interested in job though so that helped pass the time.

    Anyway heres the kicker.. prior to going to get something to eat( i chose the place and its reasonably priced)He wanted to stop at the bank. Keep in mind that he asked me out very persistent in fact.. so the check arrives, the waitress hands it to him( bill was $50) and he looked hesistant to pick it up and he placed it down and looked at me..at this point im feeling uncomfortable about the fact he is going to pay for my bill but when it looked like he wasnt i felt more uncomfortable like I ordered something I couldnt afford type of shit.. then he asked how do you want to do this.. I picked up the check and paid for it..He wanted to put the tip in.. Nah, its ok i told him.

    He then told me he never me met a woman like me and how genuine I am ( yeah, cause i just paid for your food)…and all im thinking is uh huh and told him thanks I gotta go back to work. He wants to meet up again.. I cant. He doesnt even do it for me sexually….Had he done it for me I wouldnt have minded paying for his lunch or dinner or breakfast.. LMAO..
    God bless the person who invented the vibrator! lol

    Oh he took his left overs to go.. …

  48. kevfrescura de talco Says:


    trust me…i already knew…

    backwards logic in here suggest that me getting that box is an L.

    like all y’all haters wifed virgins. lol.

    its cool. we had fun.

  49. rex hussla Says:

    wait…so Beezy’s girl is “ugly” (she definitely isn’t) *daps Beezy*…

    but this anorexic Macy Gray broad is worth bragging about?!?! SMH

  50. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    yeah…ima a prison guard with a black planet account.


    hater logic never ceases to be gay.

  51. koa29 Says:

    Cudi “No One Believes Me” >>>

  52. koa29 Says:

    8. Nas & Damian Marley feat. Joss Stone & Lil Wayne – My Generation


    while the song was type corny….make it known, Wayne did go in on his verse.

  53. baby jesus Says:


    bitch is weak

    a upgrade from your BM doe

    i respect it

  54. baby jesus Says:



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