Video: Evidence & Fashawn – OnDaSpot Freestyle

West Coast spitters Ev and Fash put it down on Invasion Radio.

Previously: Evidence ft. Fashawn – Same Folks (Video)

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14 Responses to “Video: Evidence & Fashawn – OnDaSpot Freestyle”

  1. TruthSerum Says:


    First off I already peeped ya gameplan you a wave rider hence the name Dickrida… Nigga dont play w/ me… U stay in VA, right? Where Norfolk state… Nigga u think u can’t get ya head popped off at Mr. Ms off granby n little creek… Nigga maybe u a Hampton U, nigga, huh! Catch u in Infinitys or The Alley in Badnews… It’s not gonna be good.. Don’t tell me u in Virginia state cuz I have FAMILY at that school… Like I said, u a PUSSY in real life!!!! VA my 2nd home, lil’ nigga… I’d advise u to be VERY careful w/ how u approach me, doggy…. Becuz u dont know anything bout me, but I know alot more bout ya hoe ass… All a nigga need is a twitter page FB link and I WILL know where u rest ya head at!


  2. joffe jo Says:


  3. jderrida Says:

    @ TruthSerum


    Nigga you type like your grade school teacher just gave the fuck up. Like she started class motivated to teach all the other little niggas but placed you in the back of the room to feast on glue.

    Damn, You a boss on the internet? Typing all the boss shit online. Shit now the cops got you typing threats all they need is to track the IP address and lock you’ll dumb ass up. But you prolly already knew that hun?


    Game Plan…We can both play that game…I/everyone all ready knows yours brah… some poor unfortunate chemically imbalanced nigga cursed with an internet connection…Came onto nah to find community and friendship but got ether…butthurt over it you spent months, hell maybe years lurking to come back with Paragraphs, essays on why you hate niggas…You been exposed fall back…

  4. joffe jo Says:

    well damn

  5. Jersey*made*me Says:

    These niggas fighting MMP style,lol

    Mixed Martial Paragraphs

  6. jderrida Says:

    Damn…How I type now is by far different then how I did at the start…

    Peace Nah…

    You win TruthSerum…I ain’t [insert regular nahgger SN]…I comment for the heavy conversation and co-sign the funny fuckery…

  7. TruthSerum Says:


    Like I said…. You…. Meaning the gov’t name you go by….Are……A…..PUSSY… deep down inside you know I’m right! Please…. Hop off my dick, point to the post where I made reference to your screen name for you to be commenting in my direction… Nigga u Phisod’s fucking butt buddy or sumthin….. Shit wasn’t it last month niggaz were sniping at u left n’ right for them yahoo quotes!! Damn must suck to be a lame, nigga. Hey Five grand from the 47 grand check that I deposited on Saturday just cleared so I’m gonna do what you said and buy sum self esteem in the form of this brand-new fucking Dodge Challenger…. You my friend better be saving up to pay back them student loans u took out…. Don’t u owe ya parents some bread as well… Damn, my Moms Con Ed bill paid up thru the new year…. But I’m a social pariah……hmmmm? Where u at Burke, VA…. One of my homegirls stay out there…. U be hitting up Picassos on the wknd…. Shop at Military circle mall….. Nah, don’t tell me u in Alexandria…. Oh yeah, my mans is in his third semester at Howard U in DC…. What’s good? I don’t wear masks, nigga, just a commentor like you… So tell am I close w/ the location?


  8. stot Says:

    da fuck is dis bullshit…

    this is ether…?

    two of the most irrelevant nah commenters of all time (shoutout marv) pillow fightin…

    cease fire on the pewn pewn nonsense fuckboiz…

    dis ain’t beef…

    dis tofu…

    c’mon son

  9. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Headband and grape kush on deck..

    En route to ghost x Rae x mobb

  10. jderrida Says:

    @ TruthSerum

    Cool bro…If you don’t mind (stop obsessing) I’ll keep my private life private


    Yeah, I agree

    *enjoys day*

  11. hl Says:

    Rajon Trondo Says:

    En route to ghost x Rae x mobb


  12. TruthSerum Says:


    Don’t You Ever…. Comment about me, cracker! I don’t like WHITE people, straight up! I don’t give a fuck about ya blue eyed devil existence….you just some piece of shit white trash muthafucka that’s a culture vulture…. Yeah wigger u luv listening to stories of poverty but yo’ ass scared to death of the real thing…. I see u be tossing that n-word round to keep ya teeth clean, huh!? You’s a fucking dirty ass cracker, from some backwards slovic pussy ass country that I prolly bombed while I was in the military. I fucking swear I could smell your filthy ass swine flu ridden carcas thru my iPhone… U stink, wigger… Take a shower, dirtbag! Crackers got my pubes in their teeth…..GTFOH, I don’t socialize w/ u pale skin folk…. My president black just like me, nigga!


  13. joffe jo Says:


  14. joffe jo Says:


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