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#MaddenBattle Championship: Coming Soon

It’s about to go down like Kat Stacks at a baller convention. Unless you live under a rock (or don’t play video games), then you’ve probably heard that EA dropped Madden NFL 12 earlier this week and early reports indicate that it may be one of the best editions from the franchise yet. As you can imagine, Madden enthusiasts all over the world will be scrapping it out for bragging rights over the next few weeks and well, in the spirit of friendly competition, we want us a piece of that action too dammit! So on September 12th at Complex headquarters, myself, Hof from OnSMASH, Jake Paine from HipHopDX and Complex’s Justin Monroe will each captain a 4 man team comprised of some of your favorite MC’s in a Madden 12 Championship Battle for the ages. The last gamer standing will take home a custom “Superbowl” style ring by jeweler Gabe Urist and of course the title of Madden 12 Champion. So stay tuned for the team announcements, which will be coming soon, and monitor the trash talk on Twitter by searching the #MaddenBattle hash tag. It should be a good time, although Gabe might as well start engraving my name on that ring right now to save himself the trouble later.

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4 Responses to “#MaddenBattle Championship: Coming Soon”

  1. Shooter Says:

    Stay Off The Fucking Flowers >>>>

  2. hl Says:

    Stay Off The Fucking Flowers >>>>


  3. MiddleClassJoe Says:

    What the hell was that performance at the VMAs too?

    They shouldve just let Kanye and Jay close….

    Whats bigger than Kanye and Jay?

    Imagine closing with Otis and moving on to Who gon stop me or Niggas in Paris or something……

  4. Nah Right » Freeway, Emilio Rojas & Maffew Ragazino to Rep Nah Right in #MaddenBattle 2011 Says:

    […] previously announced, on Monday September 12th Nah Right will be taking part in an epic battle for the title of 2011 […]

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