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Video: Riggs Morales Interview w/ Al Lindstrom Pt. 1

Al Lindstrom speaks to the homie Riggs from Shady Records, a.k.a. the writer of the 1997 “Unsigned Hype” piece on a then younger Marshall Mathers. Riggs talks about starting off his career in music at The Source, making the transition then to Goliath Artists/Shady Records in 2000, and the strides Shady has made from vanity label to becoming a force in the music biz. Currently he works with the rapper STS (who put out his solo debut yesterday.

“I come from the Stretch and Bob era”

Previously: STS – Toca Tuesdays Freestyle (Video)

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6 Responses to “Video: Riggs Morales Interview w/ Al Lindstrom Pt. 1”

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  6. Nah Right » Video: Riggs Morales Interview w/ Al Lindstrom Pt. 2 Says:

    […] Previously: Part 1 […]

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