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Video: Chiddy Bang – Guiness Flow

Directed by Kristopher Rey-Talley & Rad Roubeni

Previously: Chiddy Bang – Old Ways (Video)

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16 Responses to “Video: Chiddy Bang – Guiness Flow”

  1. harlem world Says:

    E aka Mac with the Cheese Says:
    August 24th, 2011 at 3:14 pm

    Mulani Rivera >>

    oh shit!!!!

    *wifes up*

  2. Remixznflow Says:

    i cant even google Mulani Rivera at work… titties ERRYWHERE…

  3. b Says:

    Will Smith
    will provided me with two of the most amzingest stories of my career.

    y2k at the white house.


    the last january week of 06 in his crib.

    my boy says you can judge the level of success someone has in hollywood by the amount of seconds it takes you to get from the gate of the entry to the actual house.

    while doing 20mph it took 35 seconds.

    imma just do the point system.

    drove through the jurassic park gates
    passed 3 city blocks. with 15 brownstone per block.
    –yes a REAL neighborhood.
    was told they fly family out there for reunions and stuff. makes it easier.
    so even to live in his BROWNSTONE is a life achievement…let alone HIS crib
    he has a stadium in which he does sunday Bball games with his boys/crew
    (yes a real stadium with referees and a scoreboard bleachers, lockerooms and concession stands)
    you step in the house and you notice the floor is MADE OF BUTTER LEATHER
    the whole time im asking him “are we allowed to…step on this?”
    his housekeeper gives you orange juice only to realize its 3 days old. and it MUST BE FRESH SQUEEZED.

    you joke (what you got a grove and workers in the backyard?) only for jada to open the door to reveal a grove and workers in the back yard.

    the spice rack and its fungshui’d color coordination is so impressive and big you yourself say this is a life goal for you wanna reach….

    not have this spice rack.

    just live here.

    in this room


    but that aint it!

    see the thing about other hollywood mansions are people come with this mentality sorta like chris rock explained: you always got one bag packed like you know you gonna be thrown out anyday now —or you have this idea that you “might” go broke.

    but not will smith.

    he says he waited 7 years to make his dream spot. and even then he regrets the largeness of it cause how in the world can his kids be grounded growing up in literally the best built house in california?

    i mean it is.

    i asked him how do other cribs rate….like i know white people dont like or are as concerned as “shinning” as we are. so thus whereas maybe a megamillionare like steve jobs or even bill gates might have a nice sound system in his house….he aint gonna have the swagger to ball all out and make a nightclub built by the top university for deaf students in which the speakers/woofers vibrate on the floor….thus FORCING YOU to dance….so based on the black celeb ballin factor—ball players dont really got “taste” and just get tacky shit (i can verify this), and aint no black actor in the top bracket to really go all out and ball. and jada actually has taste so will only gives props to his only inspiration in the world of balling ass cribs: eddie murphy.

    naturally i asked “what about MJ?”

    will laughed and said mike cheats: “anyone can build disneyland….i mean if i was a big kid and wanted a house full of every videogame and trinket then perhaps…..but as far as build and structure (EVERYTHING is hand made so it feels like bedrock) Will wins.

    his movie theater? this SHIZZZZNIT
    he even has a “ghetto kitchen” built like the set of good times (they have 80% of their meals in there….and once you sit in there for about 20 mins you really do think you are in a “regular” spot.

    his studio is nicer than most

    his gym is nicer than most

    his art collection

    his lagoon/pool

    all that shit sons anything beyond your wildest dreams….but this was the kicker that had me on some martin lawrence-seeing-eddies-bubble hill crib for the first time (mar started turning into a girl saying “ummm eddie can’t you play more of your music? whuuuusup whuuusup whusssup with you?”) was:

    will: hey check this out (*grabs remote….presses a button….*then talks all normal like he aint about to change your life in less than 40 secs) yeah im really glad you like this house…alot of this art was handcrafted in africa when (35 seconds) i shot ali……even ali himself did this piece right here….

    ?: wow he is an artist (20 secs) too?

    will: actually he was doodling on the table place napkins and i (15 secs) told him im taking this home to hang up….jada’s mom has a balcony overlooking the living room on some queen of the castle shit…and over here…..ahmir?…..james?…..ahm (5…4…3….)

    ?: james?………….(*still standing in the SAME spot where the living room USED TO BE*)…..james…..will…..um…….where did the walls just disappear to?…..and why are we suddenly outside?….how in blue hell did the walls just vanish like that and now we are friggin outside?


  4. 007 Says:

    akways wanted to ask

    how yall kno when a new post happens so fast?

  5. b Says:

    wale look like one of dem niggas steven segal fucked up in marked for death

  6. 007 Says:

    Mulani Rivera >>

    oh shit!!!!

    *wifes up*

    ^TD Approved!


  7. harlem world Says:

    007 Says:
    August 24th, 2011 at 3:21 pm

    akways wanted to ask

    how yall kno when a new post happens so fast?

    feed – its at the side of the page

  8. b Says:

    thats some motivation

  9. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    you been tweeting at some questionable women lately…

    > i’m expanding my poon options…boston to small.

    i beat a few of those up already tho.

    shit…i even bonged that darkskin chic that interviewed sean p & got it posted on here.

    i am all ova for the puss. #teamdeviant

  10. E aka Mac with the Cheese Says:

    you been tweeting at some questionable women lately…

    the streets tweets is watching

  11. 007 Says:

    i am all ova for the puss. #teamdeviant

    ^Up some of them @’s

    #TD insists

  12. harlem world Says:

    mulani is the truth yo…

    i might have to kick isis to the side…

  13. harlem world Says:

    Team Deviant >>>>>

  14. 007 Says:

    Car Talk>>>>>>>>>>>x10

  15. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    ^Up some of them @’s

    #TD insists

    > but we follow one another…you can jus get em off my timeline.

  16. S.I.C.K Says:

    Y`all porn female choices are too santizied for my taste.Not enough ass,too khaki toned and fake looking.I like bitches I can actually picture myself fucking.I`m not into fantasy.I like everyday bitches in business attire or the ultra thick hood rat variety on occassion.

    *daps kev*

    “have dick,will travel” has been my mantra.I`ve been rewarded as a result many many times.

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