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Video: Murs – Love & Rockets (Part 1)

DD172/BluRoc presents the first look behind the scenes at the recording of his new album Love & Rockets, Volume 1: The Transformation, dropping October 11. The album was recorded at Camp BluRoc, the upstate New York mansion owned by DD172 head Dame Dash, seen here with L&R Vol. 1 producer Ski Beatz as well as fellow labelmates Da$h and Sean O’Connell, all appearing on the upcoming Hip Hop & Love Tour, also featuring Tabi Bonney and McKenzie Eddy. The tour kicks runs from September 27 to November 26.

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16 Responses to “Video: Murs – Love & Rockets (Part 1)”

  1. NovemberEnd Says:

    Ricky > >>>>>>>>
    that the joint so far

    >>>> these Pop features tho

  2. AmpGeez a.k.a. Smoke Greene Says:

    So Spitta just stopped fucking wit Dame cold turkey?

    It seemed like Dame was trying to put out that Muscle Car Chronicles shit & piggyback off of Spitta’s signing to WB. I thought things were kinda amiss at that point.

    Dame stay losing.


    Harlem >>>>

  3. Yasser Pair-a-gats Says:

    Egg Farts and Applesauce

  4. AmpGeez a.k.a. Smoke Greene Says:

    >>>> these Pop features tho
    Nah. Their not as sugar coated as alot of the Pop stuff rappers are forced to use to boost their album sales.

    Pot Of Gold grew on me & the joint with Mario & Wale is 106th & Park ready.

  5. Nah'sOnlyWhiteBoy Says:

    @ DBLOCK – Sent

    @ NovemberEnd – Agreed. THe pop shit is wack.

    Speakers on Blast >>>>
    Heavy Artillary >
    Good Bad Ugly >>>
    Paramedics >>>
    THe City>>>>

    I like that All I know too

  6. &What?! Says:

    What happened with Dame and Spitta?

  7. Nah'sOnlyWhiteBoy Says:


    Born in the Trap >>>>

    Of course

  8. AmpGeez a.k.a. Smoke Greene Says:

    But you niggas prolly don’t like Pop music period so…

  9. Yasser Pair-a-gats Says:

    Dame opened this little studio in his house where he wanted people to be free and record music and not have to deal with labels and headaches and stress.

    What he didn’t say was that he was keeping the masters and would put the shit out without paying everybody their fair share.

    Dame stay using his sheissty ways, piggybacking off of talented people, making bad business decisions, running businesses into the ground, and burning bridges with real artists.

    All of you niccas need to wake the fuck up and realize that Jay was the best thing that ever happened to this nicca and that once Jay pulled the gravy train, Dame got mad tight because he’s used to using people and caking off of them with minimal work/effort.

    The dude’s whole existence and contribution to rap is an utter fail. Only amateurs be fucking with him. Spitta got out before it was too late.

  10. The Shot Clock Says:

    lookin forward to this collab.

    watever happedn to them mos/ski beatz tracks that never made the first 24hr karate album?

  11. heroine headliner Says:

    Yo nwob send dat dis way….

    Heroineheadliner @ gmail


  12. jderrida Says:

    So Spitta just stopped fucking wit Dame cold turkey?


    Word on the street is Spitta did the pilot talk albums w/dame cause he thought it would garner him more exposure

    By giving Dame a lion share of any money made of the projects Spitta got access to a lot resources and Dame’s roladex

    History been written and Spitta has his movement and Dame a couple dollars


  13. b Says:

    I wont say ross has one flow, but he only USES one flow, and meek is starting to use it too. Ross is at the point where it seems every shot he is tossing up is going in, I would like to see him get a plaque tho.

  14. NovemberEnd Says:

    I like Pop music made by Pop artists, I don’t want that shit with my Hip Hop

  15. Yasser Pair-a-gats Says:

    LOL the Yeezy video.

    “Lance Stern”…ahahahahahahahahaha

  16. Nah Right » Video: Murs – Love & Rockets (Part 2) Says:

    […] Previously: Part 1 […]

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