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J.Period x FLuD Watches

J.Period linked up with FLuD Watches to put out his signature mixtape collection on a USB key along with a custom-made timepiece from the New York watch company.

TRUELEMENTS Music & FLüD Watches are proud to present the J.PERIOD x FLüD “MIXTAPES ARE NOT A CRIME” LIMITED EDITION USB COLLECTION: a one-of-a-kind stainless-steel flash drive, laser-engraved with J.PERIOD’s “MIXTAPES ARE NOT A CRIME” logo, and packaged in its own jet-black, miniature flight case, designed by FLüD!

This ships on August 15th, but is available for pre-order right away.

A full list of J.Period’s tapes which are included on the USB set are listed below, as well as a picture of the watch in question:

“Mixtapes Are Not A Crime” FREE Mp3 Giftpack includes:
– J.PERIOD’s “Best of Q-Tip” V.1 (Deluxe 12″ Edition)”
– J.PERIOD’s “Best of Q-Tip” Vol.2 (Sneak Preview EP)
– J.PERIOD & MJB “The Best of Mary J. Blige” V.1
– J.PERIOD & MJB “The Best of Mary J. Blige” V.2
– J.PERIOD & MJB “The Best of Mary J. Blige” V.3
– J.PERIOD’s “The Messengers (Instrumental Collection)”
– J.PERIOD, John Legend & The Roots “Wake Up! Radio
(12″ Singles Collection)”
– J.PERIOD Bootlegs: Unreleased Remixes

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6 Responses to “J.Period x FLuD Watches”

  1. Harlem World Says:

    Special Pre-Order Price: $50


  2. kevfrescura de talco Says:


    i’m broke yet i thought i paid him the full amount?

    i got no phone service but i don’t use my ipad cuz i do everything from my 4g android?

    i’ont even think about a $50 debt so much loot passes thru my hands. hater logic stay on some blind shit.

    seth, you that tight over fifty dollars fam you had to remind me on here? lol. real professional. text me your address again before i smoke this 7 grams of power i pay next to nothing for & forget again fam.


    beezy…you waitin in the wing for my e-demise hater, fifty dollar debt ain gonna do it.

    don’t be mad i can’t be bodied.

  3. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    you need to take ya wife to the construction site & body that shit on her nose with a jackhammer, beezy.

  4. heroine headliner Says:

    I can’t even name a jperiod beat

  5. mel kiper III Says:

    the artwork looked like it was done on ms paint, just not very professional looking. again i aint even tryna hate, from what everyone says youre talented but this perhaps wasint your best work


  6. mel kiper III Says:

    yo kev, again

    noone is impressed by your cellphone, if your shit aint a vertu its really not worth even mentioning

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