Video: GLC ft. Willie Stylez – Super Lame

Says G:

My player partner Willie Stylez & I go back to our days @ Simeon! He came to the table with a cold as concept that we both embraced & it was to dethrone the emergence of all of these Super Lames! We felt this here must stop! We laid down some ism over this China Man produced record & let the truth manifest!

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4 Responses to “Video: GLC ft. Willie Stylez – Super Lame”

  1. kevKONGquistador Says:

    nas gonna be in central park tomorrow for the last date of the distant relatives tour.

    that shit will be ill….but most of yall NYC nahkis are ingrates who really don’t deserve that.

    i suggest you check that out tho. last time nas did a park concert talib kweli hopped the fence to get in.

    thas stannin

  2. RIGZ Says:

    @Eng, when you say these things, or try to, they cut you off the TV and will NEVER replay ur segment.


    She tried to slander him…he had to hot her up slightly

  3. Black brokaw Says:

    Somebody throw out a sample

  4. Assassin Says:

    This cat said “look at the lamborghini”…turned around and seen is wrong with you niggaz?? stop rappin about ish you ain’t got B! makes you look “Super Lame” (pun intended)

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