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Game – The R.E.D. Album (Tracklist)

Album will be hitting stores August 23rd. Solid features on this one.

1. Dr. Dre Intro
2. The City (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)
3. Drug Test (Feat. Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg & Sly)
4. Martians Vs Goblins (Feat. Tyler, The Creator & Lil Wayne)
5. Red Nation (Feat. Lil Wayne)
6. Dr. Dre 1
7. Good Girls Go Bad (Feat. Drake)
8. Ricky
9. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
10. Heavy Artillery (Feat. Rick Ross & Beanie Sigel)
11. Paramedics (Feat. Young Jeezy)
12. Speakers On Blast (Feat. E-40 & Big Boi)
13. Hello (Feat. Lloyd)
14. All The Way Gone (Feat. Mario & Wale)
15. Pot Of Gold (Feat. Chris Brown)
16. Dr. Dre 2
17. All I Know (Feat. Lu Breeze)
18. Born In The Trap
19. Mama Knows (Feat. Nelly Furtado)
20. California Dream
21. Dr. Dre Outro

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32 Responses to “Game – The R.E.D. Album (Tracklist)”

  1. Random Says:

    Wait didn’t Game throw shots at Tyler on Uncle Otis?

    Classic Game Bi-Polar Female Like Behavior

  2. Hoskins Says:

    21 tracks? FOH

  3. Hoskins Says:

    10. Heavy Artillery (Feat. Rick Ross & Beanie Sigel)

    ^^ this track minus a game verse please

  4. Samir Says:

    Who is this Tyler the Creator guy? I’ve never seen him mentioned here… he must be new.

  5. Harlem World Says:

    Interesting tracklist. Its gon be a hot summer…

  6. vhingrhamesonyo'momma Says:

    Heavy Artillery (Feat. Rick Ross & Beanie Sigel)

    *spazzes and passes out*

  7. THe KiD FRanKiE Says:


    Foh game

    He a Doppleganger too just like French

  8. Mr. Iceberg Slim Says:

    Picture if you will, that the throne was burning
    Rome was burning, and I’m sitting in the corner all alone burning
    Why does it always end up like this?
    Something that we don’t determine
    Same people that I fought for
    That I fight for, that I ride for
    That I live for, that I die for
    Be the reason that these niggas is alive for
    and they want me dead
    But I’m so sorry but I just can’t die for you
    But I can make em put their hands in the sky for you
    We waiting for the fireworks like July 4th
    Get fly more, get high more, cry boy, why for?
    When the grief is over, beef is over, I’ll be fly when Easter’s over
    I tried to teach niggas how to be kings
    And all they ever wanted to be was soldiers
    So the love is gone, Til blood is drawn
    So we no longer wear the same uniform
    Fu*k you squares, The circle got smaller
    The castle got bigger, The walls got taller
    And truth be told after all that said
    Ni**as still got love for you

  9. C. Dufflebags Says:

    what up nah?

    this shit cra’

  10. &What?! Says:

    Dr. Dre Intro?
    Dr. Dre 1?
    Dr. Dre 2?
    Dr. Dre Outro?

  11. &What?! Says:

    ‘Funny thing is the lp cover is gangster

    But the features are baby oil??’


  12. Harlem World Says:

    “whatever, slugs through ya Avirex leather
    I close one lid so I can aim a lil better”

  13. Harlem World Says:

    “pop gave me gun lessons back when I was a kid
    now I fire more arms then he ever did”

  14. Harlem World Says:

    10. Heavy Artillery (Feat. Rick Ross & Beanie Sigel)

    its goin down

    bawse got that coke swag
    beans got that intratec 9 swag

  15. Random Says:

    what’s the best 5 albums of the last year or so?

    I need some new shit to listen to

  16. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    “ba-ball so hard mahfuckas wanna fine me!”

    sup nahkis

    oh yeah…


    stop playin

  17. Harlem World Says:

    *daps kev de talco, &what and the rest of nahgeria*

  18. kevKONGquistador Says:

    new blue brolic

  19. Harlem World Says:

    Beans vs Kiss > Jay vs Nas


  20. kevKONGquistador Says:

    *daps HW*

    since you’re the industry insider…whas this weeks wftt sales projection with a digital x best buy exclusive?

  21. kevKONGquistador Says:

    nah harlem…

    no rap beef fucks with hov & nas

  22. Mr. Iceberg Slim Says:

    The paper read murder, Black on black murder
    The paper read murder, Black on black murder

    This is to the memory of Danroy Henry
    Too much enemy fire to catch a friendly
    Strays from the same shade, Ni**a we on the same team
    Giving you respect, I expect the same thing
    All black everything, Ni**a you know my fresh code
    I’m out here fightin’ for you, Don’t increase my stress load
    Ni**as watchin’ the thro

    I arrived on the day Fred Hampton died
    Real niggas just multiply
    And they say 21 I was supposed to die
    So I’m out here celebratin’ my post demise
    If you put crabs in a barrel to insure your survival
    You gon’ end up pulling down niggas that look just like you
    What up blood? What up cuz?
    It’s all black, I love us

    The paper read murder, Black on black murder again

    It’s a celebration of black excellence
    Black tie, black Maybachs
    Black excellence, opulence, decadence
    Tuxes next to the president, I’m present
    I dress in Dries and other boutique stores in Paris
    In sheepskin coats, I silence the lamb
    Do you know who I am Clarice?
    No cheap cologne whenever I “shh-shh”
    Success never smelled so sweet, I stink of success
    The new black elite They say my black card bear the mark of the beast
    I repeat, My religion is the beat
    My verse is like church, My Jesus piece Now please, domino, domino
    Only spot a few blacks the higher I go
    What’s up to Will, Shoutout to O
    That ain’t enough, We gon need a million more
    Kick in the doo

  23. Troyvul Says:

    SANTA ANA, CALIF. — A U.S. man convicted of ejaculating into a co-worker’s water bottle has been ordered to pay the woman more than $27,000.

    The Los Angeles Times says a judge on Monday ordered Michael Kevin Lallana to pay the woman for loss of wages, therapy and medical expenses. Lallana was convicted earlier this year of two misdemeanour counts of battery.

    Prosecutors say Lallana deposited his semen twice last year in the water bottle of a co-worker at Northwestern Mutual Mortgage Co. in Newport Beach.

    The woman drank from the bottle both times, throwing the first one away after detecting a foul taste. The second time she sent the bottle to a lab for testing.

    Lallana was arrested in July 2010 and his DNA was later matched to the water bottle.
    TD stay reppin coast to coast

  24. Harlem World Says:

    @ kev

    wont know until they add the itunes sales to the physical sales

    it might not be confirmed until monday

  25. secondbest21 Says:

    Whuddup world… *daps room*

    Anybody give a shit about this cd? anybody? anybody?

  26. Harlem World Says:

    Ok, so Day 2 of the WTT, im still disappointed but its grown on me. The euro sounding tracks take a while to get used to.

    However – Kanye > Jay-Z ..on every track.

  27. onemoodydude Says:

    Games one of the few artist whos albums are actually better than his mix tapes.

  28. mel kiper III Says:

    WTT >

    subtract Otis and Takeoff (like i did)and you have yourself a a gooood fucking album

    fuck the bullshit

  29. mel kiper III Says:

    Primetime >>>

    the camel is in rare form on this joint

    very bp2’esque

  30. SPITGAME Says:

    However – Kanye > Jay-Z ..on every track.
    Nah… on a couple of em doe

  31. tre Says:

    Niggas In Paris tho

  32. Nah Right » Game – Born In The Trap (Prod. by DJ Premier) (Radio Rip) Says:

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