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Obie Trice – Battle Cry

New music from Obie’s delayed ‘Bottoms Up’ now dropping August 23rd.

Download: Link

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19 Responses to “Obie Trice – Battle Cry”

  1. CHILE ! Says:

    Odometer broken i didnt kno i was speedin, fast livin’, Sloe gin for these bitches, I got that game from my Pittsburgh nigga, SV Diablo 96 wings lift, Daniel-san crane kick WAH!


  2. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Obie Trice – The Set Up > Any of Spitta’s catalogue

  3. RNC Chairman Michael Steele Says:

    EnglandRepresent Says:
    August 2nd, 2011 at 9:50 pm

    Obie Trice – The Set Up > Any of Spitta’s catalogue


  4. NovemberEnd Says:

    Obie first two LP’s were dope

  5. charles lee ray Says:

    Poverty>>>>currensy .how can he be spitta if he can’t spit?

  6. tHe KiD fRanKiE Says:

    12 mins ago
    Obie Trice – The Set Up > Any of Spitta’s catalogue




    (c) HH

  7. AmpGeez a.k.a. Amphernee Hardaway Says:

    Obie first two LP’s were dope
    Not really.

    A couple of dope songs and alot of expensive filler.

    >>>>>>>>> Eminem beats

  8. Digital Scales Says:

    fuck the ads

  9. charles lee ray Says:

    Jets= just enjoy the sleep

  10. tHe KiD fRanKiE Says:

    Harlem World
    1 hr, 22 mins ago
    the view in this motherfuckas amazing

    JETS Music Group

    trademark > wale
    spitta > ross
    young roddy > meek

    the competition is non existent

    ^its not even close

    Sad these nigga don’t see it

    Oh well…#jets

  11. Digital Scales Says:

    Even the filler is thriller – me

  12. charles lee ray Says:

    B.o.b >> spitta

  13. Samir Says:

    Drake is also in this one, right?
    Yeah, that’s pretty funny. I wish Drake was one of the pirates and he was just crooning, and they just gave him that Drake voice…I don’t know what the filter is he always puts on his voice, but it’s in like every Drake song, at some point the beat just drops out—

    —You mean the “underwater” voice?
    Yeah! The underwater voice! They should have just made him a fish, and had him sing his lines [imitates Drake] “What am I supposed to do, all of my friends are gone.”

  14. Samir Says:

    I was just playing Curren$y – ‘Roasted’ f. Roddy, Trademark.
    Great song.

  15. AmpGeez a.k.a. Amphernee Hardaway Says:

    I was just playing Curren$y – ‘Roasted’ f. Roddy, Trademark.

    Great song.

    Ain’t it tho?

  16. charles oakley Says:

    Curren$y – Lost In Transit

  17. tHe KiD fRanKiE Says:

    Smh @ niggas x bitches championin for wack ass rappers who never seen a release date, squandered their opportunities and ain’t even relevant in the game any more, other niggas been on scene for years still waitin jn te shadows makin miXtapes lmao

    Instead of apPlaud a real nigga who grinded his way up from nothin created his lane n changed the landscape of hip hop independently and stayed 100 true To da game. No sellin out!

    You niggas ain’t listenin right


  18. Troubleshooter1900 Says:

    My fiance’s best friend titty game>>>>

    Man, this is TRYING to not look at God’s gift to summer dresses. I mean GODDAYUM!!!!

    Jesus, have mercy my nigga. Have some fucking mercy.


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