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Video: How to Make It in America – Season 2 (Trailer)

Show starts back up some time in October.

Props: People

Download: Theophilus London – I Stand Alone

Previously: Pusha T Talks How To Make It In America Role (Video)

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17 Responses to “Video: How to Make It in America – Season 2 (Trailer)”

  1. Tong Po Flo Says:

    ScienZe – september >>>

  2. Slumbilical Says:

    Laws ft. Mimi – Incredible


    The only thing that’s incredible is how big of a tax write off this nicca Laws will end up bring for J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League.

    They can afford it tho – they got a lotta plaques off of Ross. Them crackers got money to burn.

    I never worry about crackers. They always find that dollar bill. whereas black folk be losing it even if they got it in a safe. #BornWithTwoStrikes

  3. Harlem WORLD Says:

    man, ross wasnt even working with justice league until trilla, he even copied jeezy with that

  4. Harlem WORLD Says:

    he wanna be jeezy so bad, just join cte then

  5. SPITGAME Says:

    Young Jeezy – Win>>>>>

  6. koa29 Says:

    Jeezy made all the good music he was capable of making in his first 3 albums.

    Ross got better after his first 3.

  7. david blackham Says:

    new sigel > otis

  8. Mr. Iceberg Slim Says:

    dAMN, THIS A HOT FRIDAY…….rr got a song consequence dissing kanye and pusha t

  9. heroine headliner Says:


    its ova 4 u lame…..




  10. Mr. Iceberg Slim Says:

    david blackham Says:

    July 22nd, 2011 at 7:46 pm
    new sigel > otis


    Peedie crack, u are funny my nigga

  11. Harlem WORLD Says:

    Mr. Iceberg Slim Says:
    July 22nd, 2011 at 7:48 pm

    dAMN, THIS A HOT FRIDAY…….rr got a song consequence dissing kanye and pusha t

    smh at consequence biting the hand that fed him

    this dude has 2 platinum plaques in his crib because of kanye – not because of q tip – nobody would even give a flying f about him if it wasnt for kanye – follow protocol

  12. THe KiD FRanKiE Says:

    If Dub ain a Legend then what da ya call dat?!?

  13. why? Says:

    The sad thing is Tip probably doesn’t give a fuck and is gonna continue working with Kanye. SMH at the Pusha diss track though. Cons will soon realize he ain’t about this rapper life.

  14. THe KiD FRanKiE Says:

    Ether wars
    Legendary terms
    Show n prove
    99% true comments
    Stay true to role
    Member of 3-4 teams
    S4L co president

  15. THe KiD FRanKiE Says:

    Just pleading my case lmao

  16. Random Says:

    Con must of ran out money to keep up maintenance on that picket fence in his mouth and figured he ain’t got nothing to lose

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