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Consequence – The Plagiarist Society (Pusha T Diss)

Cons decides to launch his assault on G.O.O.D. Music and starts with Pusha T and says Kanye is next.

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14 Responses to “Consequence – The Plagiarist Society (Pusha T Diss)”

  1. White and on Nahright Says:


  2. Random Says:

    looking like Lavell Crawford on crack

  3. Harlem WORLD Says:

    the track was ok – but both of the clipse would destroy consqequence lyrically – i have no doubt – them dudes get extra psychological n shit – even jay had to send a shot to em on bp3

    you was in the game before good music broke as hell, nobody was checking for you – q tip wasnt even looking for you and you family – kanye put you on, ungrateful bastid

    i think everyones already gathered that them g.o.o.d music dudes be playing with that white tho every now x then – they in paris and milan every other week

  4. Bones Jackson Says:

    This nigga looks like the bottom of my shoes after I step in dog shit.

  5. WUTANGFAN Says:

    i fuck with Cons but this is silly

  6. P.W. Says:

    All I heard was IM THE GAME OF GOOD MUSIC.

  7. Mr. Iceberg Slim Says:

    “dAMN BABY PUSSY CANT BE UR only hustle, unless u bad as Naomi russel
    I mean alotta niggas got money, so Basically russel aint the only russell
    Russel Brown, Russel Crowe, 00000 a lot of o’s
    What u after?, after money, u remind me currency, u only after dough

  8. Joshua T. Says:

    When did it start to go sour between Consequence & Kanye, & what exactly caused it? I imagine it was right around the time he decided to bring Pusha T around.

  9. vhingrhamesonyo'momma Says:


  10. Fli-die Says:

    This nigga is about to “Beans” himself.

    You know how much money ‘Ye spent on this nigga, flying him all around the world, feeding him, clothing him, paying for lodging? I sure he invested waaaaaaaaay more than he made back. And I know he did more for him than Tip even could.

    Ungrateful bastards, then gon’ waste precious resources dissin niggas instead of trying to start building your own brand??? Fuckin stupid.

  11. Marveno Says:


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