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Video: Fat Joe – Dirty Diana

For Fat Joe’s “Tupac Back” freestyle. Ignore the tags.

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27 Responses to “Video: Fat Joe – Dirty Diana”

  1. mcb Says:

    kevfrescura de talco Says:

    July 20th, 2011 at 1:28 pm
    Howd last night go

    >i honestly can’t remember it rabbi.

    my brother & i house partied those chics tho…kid n play switch.

    i remember that…
    ahhaha nice

  2. London Bloke Says:

    Ignore the tags.


  3. cOLD Says:

    remember at a Game concert in Africa… this lil nigga was reppin’ in the crowd. He brought dude on stage and let dude rock out.

    Hip Hop >>>

    tell me that didnt jolt some type emotion?

  4. ilovemia305 Says:

    HAHAHAHA…I got this nigga Frankie OBSESSED with me…I keep telling you

    $WonDough$ >>>

  5. London Bloke Says:

    Whaddup cOLD

    i seen those cards that got shown earlier (II) when i was lurking

    Im interested and serious (no homo)

  6. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    you shoulda played helicopter chopper city while doing windmills on a cardboard on the campus quad.

    yo tho… thas the only wondough song on my phone & i play it purposefully in the whip when niggas is in there talking shit about others music.

    also…its the perfect cure for road rage. jus laugh the whole way to your destination.

  7. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    yo b…

    who’s the new snow bunny porn chic of the month i should be checking for?

  8. mcb Says:

    dirty diana and slutty susan,
    i demand more condom usin,

  9. secondbest21 Says:

    i see someone’s engineer doesn’t know how to fly hooks. that hook the second time around sounds off as fuck…

  10. London Bloke Says:

    I need a soccer fan on Nah to confirm that Remix isnt Justin Hoyte

  11. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Nigga rap wit a helmet on lmao

  12. ilovemia305 Says:

    Thats was the only song you were able to get on your phone anyway

    and that joint

    Helicopter Chopper City >>>>>

    That shit goes and it got da highest views on my page

  13. Digital Scales Says:

    Fat Joe always changes his flow to match who ever is popping

    Now he thinks he’s rick ross?

  14. mcb Says:

    i respect the hustle tho, cuz at least hes around and participates, even if almost all the comments ar just self-promo… my comments are almost unreadable so… i cant be throwin shots.

    it was like this woman at a yard sale, she approached me and my friend walking by asking what we needed, really trying to hustle me something.

    i ended up giving her a buck for two big booze glasses and a christmas bucket for assorted items

  15. b Says:

    b Says:
    July 20th, 2011 at 1:43 pm
    middleclassjoe Says:
    July 20th, 2011 at 1:41 pm
    thats a potent list of women over there.

    ^u appreciate it more when u hear the actual song tho


  16. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Ur lil reverse shitt don’t work nigga u in tears wiping slobber out ya mouth typin w ya fist

  17. b Says:

    Man it go Teyana Taylor
    Fiona Apple, Rihanna
    Leona Lewis, Madonna
    Be on the truest persona
    Ivana Trump and Khloe
    Zoe Saldana, Eva Longoria
    Mendes, Pigford
    Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson
    Sarah Jessica Parker
    T-Banks: that’s Tyra
    Selita Ebanks, Ciara
    Tiara Lestari got the best body
    Gabrielle Union, Pam Anderson
    Looking very great and sassy
    Let me see them twins
    No Mary-Kate and Ashley
    Tatiana Ali, Holly Molly, Kylie Minogue
    Heidi Klum, Scarlett Johansson
    Janet and Paula Patton
    Katy Perry all day
    Beyonce, Alicia, Sade
    Penelope Cruz, Mila, Marrissa
    Muller and Trina
    Salma Hayek, Shakira
    Amber and Angelina
    Lauren London, Naomi Campbell
    Stacy Dash and Audrina
    Serena, Giselle
    Megan Fox, Anna Kournikova
    Angela Bassett, Danica Patrick
    When you add on Lola?
    That’s just one big room!

  18. cOLD Says:

    Im interested and serious (no homo)

    ^ chill. *daps tho*

  19. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    While im gettin paid to diss you

    Ahh the joys of life

  20. ilovemia305 Says:

    Diss me on wax..Scaredy cat…we will see what happens

  21. cOLD Says:

    is it

    if you could be so kind


    if you would be so kind

    thx in advance.

  22. ilovemia305 Says:

    Oh and you are getting paid to be on the site not to diss..thats your choice

    Dough>>> Currency

  23. middleclassjoe Says:

    im surprised darkside vol.1 hasnt met my recycle bin yet. Still gets spins now and then.

    With that said
    Fat joe is not a legend and fat joe sucks.


  24. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Fuck u goin do send ur Tard Goon squad after me lmao u got da address it is on gbm

  25. ilovemia305 Says:

    and you know you can only “diss” over the internet cause in real life I will rip out your arms and ankles

  26. ilovemia305 Says:

    Go try and diss…Find out what happens

  27. e aka mac with the cheese Says:

    I swear lmao@ these comparisons

    Justin Hoyte

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