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Emilio Rojas ft. JoyLuv – Home

The joints continue from PUMA and DJBooth.net Uncontested EP, out July 25th. This one from Emilio Rojas featuring singer JoyLuv.

Download: Link

Produced by J. Glaze.

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10 Responses to “Emilio Rojas ft. JoyLuv – Home”

  1. mcb Says:

    i dont care if your rojas or sparks
    im gonna need Emilion just to start,

  2. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    yo won2dollasigns…

    kick a keystyle about the struggles of perpetual brain farting dude!

    y’kno…that drools & protools slow flow yo.

  3. ilovemia305 Says:

    Nigga I will outrap you and your whole crew..you aint funny…you think I am some shook one like your boy Frankie

    $WonDough$ >>>RS

  4. mcb Says:

    $WonDough$ >>>RS

    you know im not even one of the people that hates on you daily.
    but cmon man

    that shit aint true.

  5. Camelot Says:

    Fuck this

    Where’s Boss Of All Bosses 3?

    *goes back to studying*

  6. ilovemia305 Says:

    Go to listen to Helicopter Chopper City again Kev but this time really listen to the lyrics..

    and MCB…it is true..you just boys with them so you feel like you gotta defend them

  7. kevfrescura de talco Says:


    hey won2dollasigns…don’t be mean, dude.

    at least put on that helmet first.

    & don’t try to puncture the walls of your plastic live in bubble.

  8. ilovemia305 Says:

    aight funny nigga…I know what type dude you are by the way you express yourself

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